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Thread: Accountability for Missed shots in LE Qualifications

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    My agency qualification is different than most others I've seen. First, there are no set round counts. You show up at the range with what you normally carry in your duty belt. If you carry more, you can shoot more; less, you can shoot less. Every time the target turns (at various distances, the targets run on a track) you shoot as many times as you can while the target faces. This simulates shooting until the target is no longer a threat. For evaluation purposes, targets at shorter distances face for less time than longer distances. Our targets are double sided; one side has a figure with a gun, and the other doesn't have a gun. The non-gun side is a no-shoot. At one point during the qual, the target charges you while faced. We have two programs for the qual, with the distances and times a bit mixed up. This is good, but after a few years, we sort of know the drill..
    Wow. Our day qualification course is 50 rounds and each bullet is worth 2 points...minimum score is 80. From 25 yards they fire 10 rounds; 5 prone and 5 standing. In theory they could not fire a round from 25 yards and still pass (10 shots at 2 points each is 20 points). One missed shot at other distances and they would fail.

    Our combat course is mandated by the State and they require decision making to be part of the it. Itís a separate pass/fail course, but all LEO in this State are required to pass their agencies course. One combat course for day and another for night.

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    My agency- for pistol quals shots off target are -2. If it wasn't that way they would spend a fortune qualifying CO's.

    For LE who have a rifle, any shot off target is an automatic fail. More than two misses and you cannot re-shoot the qual.

    For SWAT we have a "any round off target is a fail" rule for everything.

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