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Thread: Duty-Grade LPVO at a Budget

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    Duty-Grade LPVO at a Budget

    Iím in the market for a variable scope to throw onto my work rifle. Only real requirements are a 1.5x or below low end, capped turrets and illuminated reticle.

    Iím on a pretty limited budget when it comes to optics, so Nightforce kind of options is out, and the Razor HD is a bit outside as well.

    Iíve heard good and some bad about the Steiner P4Xi, as well as the Vortex PST gen 2 1-6. My max budget is going to be around $700, and even thatís pushing it.

    So any recommendations for LPVOs that are reasonably priced, but durable enough that youíd trust your life to it?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Duty-Grade LPVO at a Budget

    $700 for optic and mount or just optic?

    The Leupold VX-R 1-4x20 (not patrol) and an ADM Recon mount will run just under $700. Iíve used this combination for several years with good performance.

    Overall, in the Sub $700 LPV range the Leupold VX-R is better than any other option until you reach Trijicon Accupoint, which can occasionally be found in the $650 range. Between the two I prefer the Leupold. I donít like any of the lower end Vortex offerings.
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    Accupower would get my vote.
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    Steiner P4Xi 1-4X is an outstandingly clear, compact scope with an intuitive, fast, easy to use BDC reticle, and with an illuminated center red dot that is truly and absolutely daylight bright.

    It is my experience superior to anything comparable from Trijicon. I sold off a Trijicon Accupower 1-4X with the red segmented circle reticle once I got the Steiner and saw how much better it is.

    $700 should get you the scope and a QD offset mount like a Larue LT204 or ADM Recon. Even if you have to shell out $50 over budget, do it. It would be worth it.

    I also got rid of the Aimpoint PRO that I used to have on the rifle that now wears the Steiner. I am literally as fast in any number of timed drills with the Steiner as I was with a red dot. And try as I might, I can't find an unconventional or odd position from which I can't see the reticle.

    On paper the Vortex Viper PST 1-6X seems to be the equal but it's also significantly heavier than the 17 oz Steiner. IMO the extra weight doesn't justify the higher magnification on the top end when I consider the purpose of the rifle that wears my Steiner.

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    I'm also happy with my P4Xi, but I haven't really been rough enough on it to comment on its durability.

    You can pick it up with a Midwest Industries mount for $659 at DSG Arms.

    If this was going on my primary rifle, I'd spend the extra and pick up one of the discounted Gen II Razors. The price difference isn't huge and it gives you an extra 2x and removes any doubt about durability. Even if its a little tight at the moment, I don't think you'd regret spending the extra and wouldn't have the what if thought in the back of your head.

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    Natchez if blowing out blemished Steines are we speak: m_term=Map&utm_content=Save+Up+To+$1690+On+Steiner +Optics+&utm_campaign=20190201_Steiner_16013&_bta_ tid=3907341331140196158471588446541045939223907188 82558370320239355960591243240213183875661923219180 81812103169
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    Quote Originally Posted by ASH556 View Post
    Accupower would get my vote.
    only downside to the accupower is it is not daylight bright.

    The steiner PX4i would be my number one recommendation for a duty grade LPVO in this price range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caleb View Post
    Oh man, that's right. I forgot that some people feel like they need light SA triggers in DA guns instead of just learning to shoot the gun better. You can get a Redhawk DA trigger pull down to 10 lbs, and if you can't manage that you suck and should probably just practice more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    only downside to the accupower is it is not daylight bright.
    I found the Accupower's reticle to be too thin and difficult to pick up when trying to make time behind the rifle. The bullet drop stadia marks were also too thin to be easily visible when aiming at targets with low contrast to the background. The fact that illumination wasn't all that bright outside didn't help.

    The stadia lines on the P4Xi are .75 MOA at their thinnest, while IIRC the stadia on the Accupower were .5 MOA thick. Doesn't seem like much difference till you look through them side by side.

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    I dislike the Accupower as well.
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