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Thread: Field Knife Suggestion(s)

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    There's a lot of sheath options out there for the ESEE that would make AIWB or horizontal belt carry a breeze.
    Not to thread drift, but speaking of concealable sheaths . . .

    I think it was 1998 or 99 and I was at the SOF Convention talking to Bill Bagwell regarding a couple of bowies he'd made for me. Conversations drift -- as threads never do <Grin> -- and ours skewed towards concealing big knives. Bill asked his wife, who was sitting behind the counter, to stand up and say "hello". When she sat down Bill (ever the showman) told me she was carrying an 8" bowie. At that precise moment she pulled this huge big thing from beneath her shirt. Whatever she held in her hand sure looked bigger than 8" to me. The secret to concealability was the frogged sheath.

    Soon after the Convention I ordered a frogged kydex sheath from Mike Sastre. I think he called it his "Southern Comfort". It's been two decades since then, so no guarantees that Mike is still beavering away, but at that time he was contactable at

    That sheath is still in good shape and continues to conceal an 8" fixed blade, especially when carried at 12:00.

    That is all. Carry on.
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    This past December I decided to upgrade some of my abused Mora's to a stainless Izula and ESEE 4 HM. The 4 is for typical field stuff and is just big enought to baton with. The Izula did a pretty good job as a game knife.

    Both hold a much better edge than any of my stainless Moras. I'm happy overall.

    Now I'm looking to replace my Kershaw folder that has been beat to hell. It strongly resembles some of the ZT knives so I may go that route.

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