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Thread: Why do people run into the toilets?

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    Some public bathrooms can be locked from the inside so there's that to consider.
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    Put me in the group that knows there's a back door to almost every store in a mall and plans on hauling ass to them in case something panics the masses.

    In addition to that, any door that says "employees only" at the mall/theater/wherever is fair game when I need to get the hell out in a hurry.

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    Maybe they really gotta poop.

    We've all been there.
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    Three things to look for in any place that you are going to spend time are the exit, cover and hiding places. If you can't bring your sidearm also look for potential impact weapons and blind corners (see my post about using the toilet tank lid). You can take out an active shooter with an improvised club if you know how to set an ambush 90 degrees inside a door way. This is a last resort of course but sometimes you can't leave or hide. The main thing is have a plan.

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    Because the situation is turning to shit !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tactical Black Belt View Post
    You see this scenario play out in a lot of movies. Some panicking woman is being pursued by a villain and runs in the back bathroom and locks the door which the bad guy proceeds to break down. There is a fantastic weapon in practically every home bathroom that nobody thinks about. The heavy porcelain lid to the toilet tank. All she would have to do is stand off to the side of the door and hold that lid cocked over her head and wait for the "Here's Johnny" moment. She would literally have the drop on the bad guy.

    BTW, I am really hard to watch a movie with.
    While the context of the thread is properly on unarmed panic stricken victims to be, you mentioned the make shift bludgeon. If one is armed, firearmed, rather than being exposed in an open area, the restroom could be turned into a fatal funnel for the shooter. Like a badgers den. It's a hero or zero play I'll grant ya that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MistWolf View Post
    What better place to be if you're about to shit your pants?
    Quote Originally Posted by 1slow View Post
    Because the situation is turning to shit !
    and your mother always told you to always wear clean underwear.

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    One of the Paris nightclub survivors said something to the effect that running into the bathroom provided a brief moment of temporary safety rather than being shot or trampled right away.

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