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Thread: Ever see tactics so bad you cringe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherman A. House DDS View Post
    I use it as a reason to hone my other senses. I wear them when I run or hike, and feel fit vibrations in the ground, and/or keep my head moving so that I donít get snuck up on. Itís good practice...

    Plus, cardio without music is like a pastrami sandwich without mustard...meaning you can keep it.

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    Most of my cardio is biking, which I do in traffic. I depend heavily on my hearing to know when cars are nearby.

    Cardio sometimes means swimming, and it is tough to have any situational awareness with my head mostly submerged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha Sierra View Post
    Ever go swimming in public?

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    I have a lightweight Spyderco Endura that I clip inside the waistband of my sweatpants so I am armed at the gym. I am really not so much worried about being attacked in the controlled environment of the workout area but I like having the knife on me going to and from my vehicle because the parking lot is accessible by anyone. I don't bring my pistol or billfold in anymore because the lockers are only designed to keep the "honest thieves" out and several have been pried open lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Friday View Post
    Case made

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha Sierra View Post
    Case made
    If you say so.

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    How about the notion of never, ever leaving the house without your heater, your tourniquet, your tactical knife, your EDC knife and your pepper spray----because you never, ever know what mayhem will befall you and which you must fight & claw your way out of----and yet you insist on frequently visiting Walmart in the middle of the night because you can't go any other time, and you don't shop elsewhere because the prices there are lowest.

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