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Thread: Appendix carry: 34 vs 17 length holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enel View Post
    I love how a 34 length carries until I sit down and crush my right nut.
    I used to be 5' 11.5" but have been 5' 10" since sometime in my 50's.

    In the past I've attempted both the 34 and 17L AIWB. I didn't care for either in that carry. 17 length is my upper limit and I'd prefer 19 length. I prefer to carry lower to the beltline than many and doing so, have not seen any big issue of tilting/stability from carrying a 26 in a 26 length holster. If I carry a shorter gun in a longer holster it's cause I'm too cheap to buy the shorter holster when I have a size up that fits.

    I don't prioritize how the muzzle is oriented when the gun is secured in a quality kydex holster. That measure seems to usually depend on the muzzle orientation in some static position. Standing or seated upright for example.

    Get to moving, bending, crouching, twisting, being in a car wreck and by my figurin' that can vary anyway . Which is true of almost any carry.

    I carry IWB at 3:30 far more than anywhere else. I've found the same IWB insofar as short guns in short holster or long holster if the carry is deeper relative to the belt line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Mayer View Post
    Guys, we have molds and real guns on the way for the 48 and the 43X. we can make pretty much any length you want so if you all want a 34 length holster for the 48 that's no problemo!
    Great to know! I will likely order a JMCK AIWB for the 48 before I even have the gun.

    I will likely get one in 17 length for the 48, unless you personally recommend 34 length for it.

    Maybe you could share a length recommendation once you have 48 AIWB up for sale?
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    I've gone to g34/5" 1911 lengths for AIWB. Anything shorter pokes me in the wrong spot when sitting, which I do for many hours a day. Aside from weight, I'm finding rigs built for g34/X300 to be even comfier, as the pressure seems to be spread out over a larger area. But, the biggest thing I've done for increasing comfort and concealability, is losing 20 pounds

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    I usually lurk, but I thought I'd chime in...

    I use a G34-length JMCK Wing Claw 2.5 for a G19, and I like it quite a bit. For me, it provides maximum stability, i.e. no roll, and it (usually) keeps the muzzle end of the holster from digging into my thigh/lower torso. I also appreciate the additional margin of safety as well, since as one poster said previously, it points the gun away from (or past) the body.

    To muddy the waters, I like G17-length holsters as well. The stability is almost as good, and it's pretty comfortable, but I prefer where the muzzle end of a G34-length holster ends up.

    Personally, I do not like G19-length or shorter. I find them uncomfortable.

    For reference, I'm 5'5" on a good day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0men View Post
    High ride position or regular?
    Either 17 length is best for me. Unless I try to ride a bike then there will be nut crushing.

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    I use a 34 length as well. It is by far more comfortable than the shorter holsters for me. Full disclosure I am 6'4".

    Plus 1 for a 34 length option for Glock 48.

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    I was considering buying a G34 so I purchased a Glock 34 AIWB holster to compare to my G17 and G19 length with a mix DSG, Keepers and JMCK used. I found that the Glock 34 length AIWB holster crushed my right nut on the daily. I've carried a G17 length without issue for months. G17 and shorter for me. I prefer a standard or even high grip height.
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