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Thread: Longterm project--M16A1 look-alike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lester Polfus View Post
    If limited to the stock sights, and none of the stuff kids attach to their M16s and M4s these days, I actually prefer the A1 to the A2.
    Interesting. Is this mostly due to the handguard?
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    I too love the "retro" clones. Thankfully you have some choices nowdays and dont have to scrounge for original parts unless you want to.
    Here is my early (1967) M16A1 clone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldanders View Post
    Interesting. Is this mostly due to the handguard?
    It's mostly due to the barrel profile.
    I was into 10mm Auto before it sold out and went mainstream.

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    Almost 13 years ago when I first got hired as an armed security guard for da gubment, everyone in my class got issued an M16A1. At least 2 of them were made by General Motors. Eventually they got replaced with A2's. The A1 is about a pound lighter and it's full-fucking-auto, so that's cool. And the stock is a little shorter which I like despite being 6'2". I like the A2's rear sight a lot more.

    Now we got Dem badass carbines with all that cool guy stuff.
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    Late last year I decided I wanted to shoot a 2 gun match in the classic div. So I built an A1 carbine using Brownells 14.7 1/12 skinny barrel and their Nodak A1 upper. It all went together great and it has become my favorite AR for just shootin' and 2 gun. I have a nice Colt M4 style with Aimpoint + magnifier but the A1 is what goes out. IMO the A1 carbine is the modern equivalent of the old M1 carbine only wayyy more reliable and effective a caliber.
    Presently building a composite carbine using a late A1 upper with deflector and FA, Colt SOCOM barrel with a A2 rear sight aperture.

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    One of the things that annoys me about the Brownell's retro series is that they still us 1:12" barrels. I understand that was the original twist, but it's not a 100% historically accurate replica why not use a 1:7 or 1:9 so we can have access to the plethora of heavier ammunition available? I don't think it'd detract from its goal as a retro rifle, whatsoever.
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    Brownells does have their 20 inch barrels in 1/7 twist and thats whats I put in mine. Word on the street is Ballistic Advantage is the ones making them. Mine shoots very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colt191145lover View Post
    Brownells does have their 20 inch barrels in 1/7 twist and thats whats I put in mine. .
    Same here, my A1 clone built with a Del-ton 1/9 barrel and the pre-A1 variant I built with the Brownells 1/7 barrel turned out to be very accurate considering the configuration, barrel profile, no free float, etc.

    These are nothing but range toys for me but I truly enjoy them. Bidding on ammo cans at the time, I was fortunate to pick up a whole crate of real Milsurp M16 furniture for about $50 sold by the DRMO back in the early 90's (pre-Klinton). Having that still on hand made mine look a lot more authentic.

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    Brownells offers their completed M16A1 upper with a 1:7 barrel. I do not know why they don't offer that configuration as a full rifle.

    Hopefully @Tom_Jones sees this and can appropriately edit the link:

    I have to confess that It's tempting to build an A1 clone. I have fond memories of doing some convoy live-fire training out of the back of 5-tons with old M16A1's set to 'full giggle'.

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    Thanks for the replies and pics!

    I am still leaning towards a faster twist barrel. It may make little difference 90% of the time, but I have had friends show up to shoot at my place with M855a1 and the like, and my next door neighbor has a 200 yard target set-up. He's accuracy obsessive (has a .223 wylde AR , getting a 6.5 Lapua, handloads everything, etc.) so I want to have potential to not lose too much face should I shoot with him.

    Now if I could save 30-60k I could get a real one...
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