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Thread: Gabe White's Pistol Shooting Solutions, Phoenix, January 5-6, 2019.

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    Smile Gabe White's Pistol Shooting Solutions, Phoenix, January 5-6, 2019.

    I just completed Gabe White’s (@Mr_White) Pistol Shooting Solution class that was held here in Phoenix on January 5-6, 2019. You can get a detailed curriculum and his philosophy at his website. It was hosted by John Correira of Active Self Protection at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in North Phoenix (DPS range). Short story: it was an outstanding class and you should take it if you ever have an opportunity to do so. Below are my observations.


    The class consisted of 12 shooters including John. Three of the shooters were instructors at Gunsite including Ken Campbell and Steve Tarani. Representing Nevada was @Tony Mayer of JMCK and his friend Randy. There was one Yavapai Co. Sheriff’s deputy and the rest were private citizens. Cecil Burch was supposed to attend but fell ill. He must be really sick to miss this class. Everybody had Glocks except for 2 XDMs and a H&K VP9. Ken was shooting a Glock on day 1 but switched to his 1911 day 2. Half of the class were wearing Tony’s holster; the other half were chided by Tony.

    The only things I didn’t like about the class:

    First, it rained all day on TD2 and it kind of cut into Gabe’s excellent instruction on shooting on the move. We still ran it and learned a lot. Second, we had to pick up all the brass in the muddy ground per DPS range rules on the last day. Twelve shooters x 950 shots = suckage.

    My Observations:

    Gabe is an extremely organized and relentless instructor. His plan of instruction (POI) was well laid out and built to connect every piece of instruction with the next. This was a key factor for me as to why I understood his message clearly. As far as relentless: Gabe spent every second of the class instructing the students. He gave his full effort to the class. When it was raining all day, he was out there getting wet and teaching and not short cutting anything. I never saw him take lunch break during the 2 days and I think he may have only peed only twice for those 2 days.

    The thing I love about his POI is that it gives a road map that I can take home and grow with. He gives you a supplemental printed manual that tells you all the drills and exercises that were done. Along with his insightful in person instruction, this POI gives me reasonable tools to use on my own range and home. I truly believe I will be a better shooter if I follow his advice.

    Though Gabe goes through every technical aspects of shooting; to me the biggest factor in shooting well was trigger control. Gabe emphasized “aiming” and getting good first hits. This was reflected in his timed tests and man-to-man competitions. I had a red dot on my gun so aiming wasn’t an issue; that trigger control….man.

    Gabe pressure tests you by doing timed runs for score on 4 drills: Bill drill, failure to stop, immediate incapacitation and split Bill drill. He also have us compete against each other on man-to-man competition. He records all of your times for future reference. If you excel in those tests, you can earn a dark pin, light pin or the vaunted Turbo pin. One class mate Scott, got the lone Turbo pin. He was awesome. I got a dark pin. He also recommended competition shooting as stressor to improve your growth.

    Besides being my favorite holster maker, Tony is a pretty damn good shooter!

    Ken Campbell is the COO of Gunsite and an absolute gentleman. You would never picture him as a guy who has smoked some bad guys in his days as an Indiana sheriff. When I asked him how dogmatic is Gunsite these days in regards to the Cooper doctrine. He said Gunsite was “evolving” as evidenced by sending 3 instructors to learn from Gabe.

    Best thing ever: during a timed session for the split Bill drill, Ken’s 1911 failed to feed. After it failed to resolve with immediate malfunction clearance, he flashed out a J frame with his left hand and finished it. I was watching him and I didn’t know WTF he got he got that gun from. We were all surprised. It turns out he had it IWB hidden behind his mag pouches. He is a straight up OG baller.

    Steve Tarani is big dude and I would never, ever, want to fight him hand to hand or God forbid with a knife. However, he is the nicest guy ever. He gave me a signed copy of his latest book called: Your most Powerful Weapon - Using Your Mind to Stay Safe. You can get it on Amazon. I plan to read it. If I don’t Steve said he was going bisect me completely with one of those karambit thingys.

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    Thank you. I was really sad this sold out before I jumped in.

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    More comments after reading it all.

    -Great AAR
    -Who’s who list of folks!
    -Great story on the hidden BUG with Campbell.
    -I am pleased to see Gunsite sending instructors for varied training.
    -Apparently I should have poisoned @Cecil Burch earlier to get his spot.

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    @Paul D

    It was great to finally meet and train with you after seeing you on PF all these years! Great job. I was very impressed at you absolutely slaying it in the person vs person drills. Thank you so much for coming to class and taking the time to post this report!


    It was great to meet and train with you! Your hard work was readily apparent. You've done an amazing job analyzing and practicing how to shoot a pistol really well. It was awesome to see that effort pay off. Congratulations on earning the Turbo Pin! It is cool you are the first to choose the Snow Leopard.

    It was great to meet all the folks in class who were new to me, and to see again those who I already knew. Between myself, Ken, Leslie, and Jay, it was like a mini-reunion of the April 2014 Rogers class - really cool!
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    One thing

    Great shooting all weekend, Paul! It was really fun to train with you.

    One small point of detail, I was actually shooting a P30 LEM, not a VP9. I had my VP9 there as a backup in case the P30 went down, but it ran well and so the VeePee stayed in the bag all weekend.

    My best,

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    "Gabe is an extremely organized and relentless instructor."

    A truer statement has never been made for sure! Real quick couple of notes on the class.

    Gabe's passion and commitment to excellence really comes thru in his teaching and method of instruction. His attention to small details regarding the technical skill of shooting a pistol is phenomenal. He has broken down every facet of what he does and why and why it works.

    His philosophy of constantly reaching and striving for that better performance that is just always out of your reach means that you will always improve. Rather than maintaining skills, be constantly trying to be faster, more accurate, more efficient, was a common theme.

    His lecture on cover and the use of it was broken down in way that was rooted in common sense and based off of facts. Was the best explanation of how to use cover properly both as a skill and with tactics in mind I have ever heard!

    @strow, very nice work getting the Turbo Pin! No easy feat for sure and well deserved accomplishment!
    Watching Ken Campbell, whip that revolver out was AWESOME! Especially since it just appeared out of no where!

    JC, thanks for hosting the class, and Ben Avery is quite the facility!

    More to come, but can't say it enough, get to a Gabe White Class!!
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    Really hope Gabe can make it out to Dallas. It appears he may force me to travel.

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    I could not agree more with Paul D’s and others reviews and AAR's. What an excellent class with some very high level shooters…and just great people all the way around! I am glad I got to be a part of it.

    Gabe, thank you for leading the “lunatic fringe” and pushing the envelope on just what can be accomplished from concealment in VERY limited time constraints with normal carry gear. Thank you for being a motivation, inspiration, and mentor. The detail and clarity of your course material are to be commended. Your quest for excellence will have you only getting better. I really look forward to our next visit. Thank you!

    John C, it was great to shoot with you again as well. Thank you for doing the leg work bringing Gabe in. Your humor and humility are a joy to be around. I look forward to seeing your video review of the class.

    Tony, it was great to shoot with you again. Thank you for making an excellent holster. The beatings I took from you several years ago at the Pannone pistol class were a wake-up call that my pistol shooting needed work. I’m still working…

    I feel very lucky, blessed, and relived to have squeaked in 4 clean Turbo Pin runs earning the Snow Leopard pin. I have plenty of homework to do.

    An awesome class, with an amazing instructor, and a great group of people!

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    @MinisterMalice @Tony Mayer @Yung

    It was great training with you this last weekend! Thank you for hosting/coming to the class, thank you for all your hard work, and congratulations on the Pins you earned!


    No date to announce yet, but I'm working on at least one TX class as well as a return trip to Phoenix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_White View Post well as a return trip to Phoenix.
    Hopefully I can make the next one.

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