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Thread: Question about "Production"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    If you do it using the index finger roll, not the pinch, maybe it wonít feel creepy?
    I'm comfortable with the death pinch. What is the index finger roll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    I'm comfortable with the death pinch. What is the index finger roll?
    Put your support hand index finger between the hammer and the firing pin, with pad facing hammer. Press trigger. Roll finger out from bottom (clockwise if you are right handed) to let hammer down. I monitor the process visually. Itís easy to see and feel everything.
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    From USPSA today:

    Slots for "HICAP" Nationals will be for Open/PCC Divisions and Carry Optics/Limited Divisions. Slots for the "LOCAP" Nationals will be for Production/L10 Divisions and Single Stack/Revolver Divisions. Slot code recipients will be able to pre-register March 29th through May 29th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    Sorry, I should have been more clear. Reliability isnít the reason for not wanting a decocker on my CZ game guns. They are plenty reliable. I just donít want to deal with the added complexity in disassembly. If I shot a P09, a decocker would be fine.
    I don't know how often you completely tear down your CZs down to the last pin, but I do it only twice: first when I get the pistol to clean/deburr/polish what matters, then only if something breaks (which hasn't happened yet).

    I have ways of deep cleaning the pistol (including the sear cage) without any further disassembly than a field strip.

    I don't mind manually decocking, but if I have a choice I'll take a CZ with decocker over one without every time.

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