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Thread: Stove pipes on last round = extractor or magazine?

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    Stove pipes on last round = extractor or magazine?

    I dug my 20-year-old Sig P239 out of the safe with thoughts of making it my winter AIWB but had two stove pipes out of 100 rounds, both on the last round of the magazine (round fired, empty case stove piped). Two different types of ammo, IMI 115 grain HP, 124 grain American Eagle. I'm pretty sure it happened with the same mag and I couldn't replicate it with the last 20 rounds I had in the box.

    Does that sound like an extractor issue or a magazine issue? Thanks.

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    I'd confirm it happens with that one magazine and then I'd replace the spring and follower of that magazine.

    You might be better off just buying a new mag....I'm not up on the pricing of parts for that model. I do have a P320 armorer manual at home and it has parts from other models. I could check later if you PM me.


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    Thank you, I appreciate the offer. I'll continue testing the mags and I've got some mags on the way from gunbroker (a process that is needlessly complicated since I'm in a ban state) since the P239 is discontinued. Might be time to put the old girl up for good.

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    Magazines, recoil spring, and ammo are the easiest for a novice like me to tinker with. I know some pistols may have different ejection characteristics depending on whether the magazine is empty or no magazine in the pistol when shooting the last round. On the 1911 there is a drill one can do to test whether the extractor is good to go or not. It involves chambering one round and removing the magazine from the pistol. How the case ejects from the pistol can give insight into whether the extractor has sufficient grip on the spent round and if tension needs to be adjusted. I think I have read somewhere that even an empty magazine in a 1911 can mask extractor issues, hence the drill I just described. You might try it on your Sig. Just a thought. In this case we certainly would be comparing apples to oranges!

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    Betcha a PF dollar you need to change the coil spring on the extractor or the channel is gunked up.

    If it malfunctions without a bullet in the mag, perhaps that means the empty case isn't hitting the ejector correctly? The nose of the preceding round is acting as the ejector because the rim of the spent casing is sliding down the breech face because the extractor doesn't have the grip that it should on the rim. When no more bullet noses are able to function as the ejector (because the P239 holds the top round in a very nose up position) the case head hits the ejector wrong or misses it altogether but inertia bounces it just slightly into the air, where the slide closes on it from time to time....say perhaps 1 or 2 times out of 50?

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    Here's what I would do on this pistol. It's not specific as to magazine, extractor or ejector. It's just the overhaul I'd do unless you're just wanting to do a troubleshooting project (which can get maddening).

    1. Remove the extractor assembly and thoroughly clean its channel cut in the slide. Replace the spring with a new one and I'd replace the extractor pin also, if it's a roll pin. Make sure you clean the whole extractor thoroughly, especially the hook, which may have hardened fouling on its surface.
    2. Disassemble your magazines and thoroughly clean the tubes and lips. Replace the springs and inspect the followers to see if they need replacing.
    3. Clean and inspect the ejector. Make sure it's not broken, chipped or bent out of spec. If you don't get the warm and fuzzies after this check, replace that component also.
    4. Test fire the gun with all magazines in different orientations and grip strength efforts.
    5. Run the chambered round - no magazine test. You should get 100% extraction and ejection cycles OUTSIDE the ejection port (not trapped or down the mag well).

    If you do all this and it's still failing, dump the gun or NEVER load and carry it for service/defense.
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    Hard to argue with Wayne's recommendation.

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