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Thread: Team CS Tactical and the Minox ZP5 5-25x56

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    Team CS Tactical and the Minox ZP5 5-25x56

    Our guys have been killing it with their Minox scopes this season, Jacob D and Dan B. have wins this month and others throughout the year. Dan B. probably has more rounds through his ZP5 than anyone which is over 10k+ rounds and reliably tracking. Through CS Tactical's T&E and field use, we've advised some minor updates like the revision to the second rev indicator and a deeper parallax adjustment to have more adjustment at longer distances. I want to also thank our customer's for the suggestions and feedback which we also advise Minox Germany as well.

    Team CS Tactical
    Jacob Denny
    Dan Bertocchini
    Mike Cecil

    Some 2018 results below:

    At the TBRC 2018 match Dan Bertocchini 2nd, Gustavo Carcacha 6th, and Jacob Denny 10th. The CSTACTICAL / MINOX Team does not just rely on their skill but their equipment, that is why they use Minox ZP5 rifle scopes. The Minox ZP5 rifle scopes offer outstanding performance and reliability.

    Dan with a solid 2nd place at the TPRC 2018 match in Arizona!

    Jacob Denny winning a monthly NCPPRC match

    And congratulations to Jacob Denny who was top overall Shooter and Top Long Range Shooter of 2018 of NorCal Practical Precision Rifle Club with his teammate Dan Bertocchini coming in a close second overall and Top Steel Shooter of 2018! (Full press release below)

    NorCal (NCPPRC) season finale "Shooter of the Year" was held this last weekend. Members and guests braved the cold temps and light morning rain on Saturday for the Long Range Hard Core COF day one!

    Lots of positional shooting up close, holdovers and some props mid range and the TBRC 800 yard off the ledge stage was brought back for NorCal shooters to have a taste! The rest of the match was typical strings of fire out to a grand. Big thanks to Justin Lagge for a very fun COF.

    Evan Hirano took the win for Long Range for day one!

    Day two NorCal held the dynamic steel portion "Shooter of the Year". We started off very chilly but the day turned out fantastic for shooting, mild temps and very light breeze.
    Target size was generous & lots of hits made for a fun day! Props included the "Creeper van", "Alan's barricades", flipped over ramps, big tank traps, "RIP stairs" and more. Big thanks to Vu for a very fun steel match.
    Gustavo Caracha took the win for steel on day two!
    The combined SOTY winner is Jack Brown!
    (Jack beat second place winner Evan by 3 points!!)
    Top 10 SOTY combined match:
    1 Brown, Jack
    2 Hirano, Evan
    3 Winscott, Craig
    4 Lopina, Brian
    5 Pham, Vu
    6 Denny, Jacob
    7 Hirano, Chad
    8 Sanders, Brian
    9 Neeley, Alan
    10 Paris, Darryl
    Top steel shooter for the year is Dan Bertocchini!
    Top long range for the year is Jacob Denny!
    (Jacob beat second place winner Brian Sanders by .127 of a point!!!)
    Top award "Shooter of the Year" for combined long range and steel for the year goes to Jacob Denny!
    (Jacob beat second place winner Dan Bertocchini by ONE point!)
    Top twenty shooters of the year:
    1 Denny, Jacob
    2 Bertocchini, Dan
    3 Lopina, Brian
    4 Neeley, Alan
    5 Caracha, Gustavo
    6 Christensen, David
    7 Brown, Jack
    8 Hirano, Evan
    9 Pham, Vu
    10 Thube, Arvind
    11 Hicks, George Jr
    12 Richardson, Todd
    13 Blevins, Greg
    14 McCulloch, Andy
    15 Pierini, Tina
    16 Sanders, Brian
    17 Guzman, Raymond
    18 Knouf, Greg
    19 Paris, Darryl
    20 Boak, Jason
    Rookie of the year goes to Raymond Guzman!
    We also voted in four new club members
    Ian Devine
    Tim "Big Bag" Gillit
    Art Courville
    Jason Chipley
    Next time you see this guys welcome them in.
    (Throwing in a shameless plug for Jason's Tehama steel match, good times you should check it out)
    Big thank you to all those who helped put this big event together, cooked yummy grubs and sacrificed their time to make this happen.

    Jacob Denny - "Last weekend we wrapped up the NCPPRC year with our year end December shoot off. While I didnít have as good of a weekend as I would have liked, I finished the year by winning the Top Long Range title and the overall Shooter of the year title. It was a tough battle just barely beating Brian Sanders for the Long Range and Daniel Bertocchini for the SOTY trophy. Always good times competing with these two. Big thanks to my wife Joy Suzanne Denny for always supporting me with all the matches I shoot. Thanks to all of the other amazing people and companies that support me with really great equipment."

    Rubicon Precision, Inc.
    PROOF Research
    MINOX Optics
    XLR Industries
    Henderson Precision
    CS Tactical - The Straight Shooter of the Industry!

    Dan killing it on on this stage at the 2018 Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge

    CS Tactical
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    Our very own Dan Bertocchini takes the win!!!
    ďOne of the most anticipated matches of the 2019 Pro Series Season, Hornady PRC, wrapped up today as many shooters traveled from all over the nation to Coalville, Utah!

    MD's George Gardner and Bryan A. Sikes put on a stellar event for the shooters and team Hornady did an incredible job as the title sponsor of the match, every detail was well planned and executed! Everyone is already planning to put this match on the must attend list for 2020.

    We cannot thank Neil Davies and Neal Emery and the entire Hornady team for their support of not only this match but of the entire series this season. Many thanks to the RO's that made this match possible.

    Results are in!
    Congratulations to Daniel Bertocchini for pulling off a huge win against some of the nations fiercest competitors! Clay Blackketter shot another outstanding match and took home second place.

    Top 5 Finishers:
    1 Daniel Bertocchini California OPEN 158.00
    2 Clay Blackketter Oklahoma OPEN 152.00
    3 Shannon Kay Tennessee OPEN 148.00
    4 Nick Gadarzi Washington OPEN 146.00
    5 Bradley Allen Louisiana OPEN 145.00

    Top Tactical - Buck Holly
    Top Production - Doug Koenig
    Top Lady and Top Youth - Awesome job Ashton Glasscock!
    Top Senior - Brian Allen
    Top Mil/LE Shannon Kay

    Full Results Can be viewed here:
    CS Tactical
    For the best pricing on Optics please PM or call 916.670.1103
    Dealer for Zero Compromise, Swarovski,Tangent Theta,
    Nightforce, Kahles, Vortex, XLR Industries and now turn key precision rifles!

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