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Thread: The Accuracy trap

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    As I may have mentioned before, Robbie says once you get beyond a certain level, most further gains come from practicing in the “gray.” However, practicing in the gray is uncomfortable — some sessions are great, some OK, and some just plain suck. If you love consistency, this approach is tough. The problem is, the alternative of the slow crawl, takes much longer to make gains.
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    Cool topic @GJM . I’ve been struggling with this balance lately. Now that I’m back in the city, and shoot at a range with a buddy who’s all about “accuracy”, I’m struggling to slow down and shoot for “extreme accuracy.” I’ve always been geared for speed, and have been pursuing the “grey” for the past two years out in the country where I had no restrictions. So much so, I shoot better groups when I’m shooting at speed! My buddy laughs at me because of it.

    I’m comfortable with speed and have never cared if I could group a handgun like I group my rifles off a bench. BUT... but I’m going to start trying. I think i’ll get a revolver to help me out. A med/full size revolver with a great DA trigger always slows me down.

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