I have now been carrying a pair of Cold Steel Storm Cloud knives for about a day.

The lock is not stiff, but is quite secure with very noticeable bias towards closed and very solid lockup. The lock in my opinion contributes to ease of opening rather than hindering it.

The thumb plate on my right side was catching my pocket rather consistently, but the left side required some practice. Now both are opening reliably. Ease of opening by hooking a pants pocket is higher than Emerson or Zero Tolerance but not as high as Spyderco. It is much closer to the high reliability of Spyderco than it is to Emerson.

The handle shape is good at helping to prevent the hand from sliding onto the blade, something I do not see enough of in folding or fixed blade knives.

Overall, I am quite happy with these knives and will likely EDC one or both going forward.

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