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Thread: Shooting schools in/near DFW?

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    Shooting schools in/near DFW?

    I relocated here recently from Oklahoma. I'm one of the office "gun guys" and I've had a couple folks who want to buy pistols come to me for advice. When I lived in OK, I'd tell them "buy a Glock 19 and go to TDSA." I tell people here to do the same thing, but I recognize that not everyone will drive 4 hours to go to a pistol school.

    Are there any local trainers/schools who run consistently good intro pistol classes? I've seen some good traveling instructors come through but I hate to tell someone buying their first pistol "wait 12 months for Ernie Langdon to make his way through town."

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    HITs owned by Daryl Bolke & Wayne Dobbs is THE answer in the MetroMess or beyond IMO.

    Gave my nephew one of their basic classes this year & brought my son over in 2017 for an intro pistol class.

    Look @ pistol class announcements here for a link to their recent classes or any post by Dagga Boy or Wayne Dobbs and I just sent ya a PM.
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    I'll second the recommendation of Hardwired Tactical Shooting or HiTS. Wayne and Darryl do a superb job with new shooters. I know - I was one. I was in their very first beginner class.

    Their safety brief covering the 4 rules is a terrific intro for all shooters, not just new ones. And they run a range without a constant stream of profanity. I think that is really good for a class of new shooters or female ones. It's a safe, welcoming environment, and they will learn to shoot well.

    Tom Givens also visits Texas a lot - we've given him a passport with an indefinite stay visa.

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    Oh, and reach out to Jackdog and David S as well - they keep track of training here as well. If I hear of anything, I'll also send you the info.

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    Thereís a lot of training going on here in DFW but I donít know how much of it is good.

    Solid choices that come to mind.
    HiTS, as recommended above.
    Follow DFW Defensive Training on Facebook. He hosts several big instructors a year.
    Tiger Valley down near Waco.

    Iíd love to hear more too

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    If you are in for a 3 1/2 hour drive and want to spend an overnight (worth it for an intensive course), then near Gididngs is quite worth it.

    It's probably too far for the Intro guys, but Ayoob and Givens, Hoch, etc. come by and Karl's crew runs excellent courses.

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    You arenít that far from Paul Howe of CSAT in Nacodoches. Itís a drive from up there but The Ranch hosts a ton of big name instructors down in Eagle Lake/Rosenberg. Saddle River Range also brings in some instructors in Conroe.
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