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Thread: RFI: Has anyone trained with Geoff Portman? Oklahoma

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    RFI: Has anyone trained with Geoff Portman? Oklahoma

    I was looking at performance shootings class schedule for 2019 and noticed Mike Seeklander is now having Geoff Portman teach his defensive handgun classes.

    For those in OK would you recommend his class?
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    I've know Geoff as the manager of a premier gun range for many years. He's now a local cop. That makes me happy as a citizen of Tulsa.

    I've never trained with him, but he was part of Seeklander's instructor staff at USSA, so his basis as a trainer is strong.

    Geoff has an unassuming manner, is an excellent shooter, and I would not hesitate to send someone to one of this classes.

    That said, Mike is a hard act to follow, and probably more suited to shooters looking to raise performance to "Master" class level.

    Hope that helps....

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    I've taken several classes with Geoff thru Seeklander and 2ASC Tulsa. Never disappointed. I've put up a few reviews at Boomer Shooter forums.

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