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Thread: Chuck Taylor's American Small Arms Academy Urban and Home Defense Handgun Course

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    Quote Originally Posted by vcdgrips View Post
    "Hackathorn would perhaps be the best example of an old school guy that evolved and stayed modern and relevant."

    ...his [Tom] exceptional grounding in the Modern Technique and his own development of firearm based martial arts as time, equipment and technique continues to evolve and change for the better."

    I would go as far as to say the Tom is THE Professor at the University of Modern Pistolcraft because of his dedication to BOTH the dissemination of knowledge and the creation of knowledge as it pertains to the uniquely American martial art of modern pistolcraft.

    Point taken. I'm certainly no historian of pistol training and certainly didn't mean that Hackathorn is the only one of the 'old guard' that has evolved.

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    Something that has long impressed me about Tom Givens is his use of hit factor scoring, that rewards speed and accuracy.

    I have seen too many scoring systems that effectively penalize speed, even though common sense tells us that speed is very important in competition or self defense.
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    I've never taken a class from Tom Givens, but I've read many of his writings and his is another opinion I value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Sellers View Post
    @BigD that's exactly what is still taught here in a regional ASAA group.

    My "punchout" technique, as in draw the gun out to the target was shunned several times with the statement "don't come see me if you ever shoot someone". They're adamant on drawing to a low ready, then up to the target.

    The rock back is still taught and AIWB carry may as well be a infringement on their civil rights.

    I've met some great folks in their classes/clinics, however the whistle and stopwatch thing doesn't do it for me coupled with the "story time" that eats away at every evolution caused me to cease giving them my $$

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    I’ve got an ASSA certificate from those guys. I thought it was worth doing for the sake of doing it, ran a 1911, and didn’t offer or invite “C Stories”. I found it to be a technically interesting course. They’re not up to speed when presenting the speed rock though, or not having any shooting from retention positions.

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    But has Hackathorn really adapted? Full disclosure- I’ve never met him or trained with him. But... several good friends who I’ve known for years, have trained and competed with, are switched-on shooters, and some of them have lots of real world experience in both the military (one is Army SF) and in LE... they took a class with Hackathorn. They all felt it was a waste of time and money.

    He would tell the class, “this is the Bill Drill.” He would demo it, then have them each shoot it once. Then the El Pres, etc. They didn’t get to do more than one run at any of the drills. It was as if he was showing them something new and one commented he must not know about YouTube since everything he “taught” is available there and from lots of other people and places. He also spent a good amount of time bad mouthing some of the newer crop of trainers - at least one of whom we had all trained with and had impressed us with his abilities as an instructor. There was no attempt to diagnose the shooter’s or help them improve. This was around 2013 or so.

    He may be a super nice guy. But I remember thinking I was glad I had a conflict that kept me from going to the class with my friends. I hesitated posting this only because I don’t want to be “warned.”
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