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    I'm jumping on the 9mm WIlson bandwagon, so....

    G23.3 Custom frame, by Davemods, Storm Lake 9mm conversion barrel (and original), Trijicon RM06, Dawson sights, OW trigger, Ghost connector, Striker Control Device, and 2 40 mags. The milling of the slide was done by Jagerwerks. No trigger modifications have been made to the OW/Ghost parts. No safeties have been compromised. $1250/OBO. Light not included.

    g23 - $500
    Frame modification - $275
    Storm Lake 9mm barrel - $150
    RM06 - $450
    Dawson sights $60
    Overwatch trigger - $100
    Ghost connector - $20
    Striker Control Device - $75
    Total - $1630

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    Trade for AR uppers, AR optics, Lasers, Knives, etc.

    I need Wilson EDC X9 support gear

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    Looking for an AR upper, LVPO, or other rifle optic

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    this G17, build virtually the same, could go as well. Stock barrel, G19 length grip

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    Iíll keep the rmr and sell the g23 with both barrels for $850

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