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Thread: Anyone bought a French LEO Model 10?

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    The Trausch grips, that is! Best, Jon

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    Quote Originally Posted by S Jenks View Post
    I just ordered one, I’ll update when it gets in.
    I am very tempted. Sure, they look like they’ve been stored in a dead man’s ass, but I bet the trigger and lock up is still great. I’d love to have C&S dovetail in a 14k gold bead front, hog out the rear (non like it’ll hurt the finish), and then run it as is. Probably be under 5 bills for a wheelie with awesome sights that can get thrown around in pea gravel duting ECQC evos, with total abandon.
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    It will definitely be a project gun...what that entails has yet to be determined.

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    Ok, where to start?

    Gun is a 10-8 square butt, pinned barrel. I’m still a revolver novice so let me know if I miss anything.

    The bad:

    “Stored in a dead man’s ass” covers it pretty well. Mine is pitted beyond belief. The worst is the underside of the trigger guard, it looks like cottage cheese. The screws have been pulled with an ill-fitting screwdriver.

    The cylinder gap is the only mechanical issue I could find. According to my cheap-o feeler set it measures 0.015”. I know that’s way out of spec for a new gun, is this one ok to shoot?

    The Trausch grips are getting tacky, as if the rubber is starting to decompose. They make the gun feel like an old single action as they push your dominant hand further from the trigger and hammer. Different. Oh yeah, they smell faintly like cigarette smoke.

    The good:

    Timing appears healthy when I cock the hammer while putting resistance against the cylinder (this is my one issue with the Australian M10 I purchased from Buds a few years ago, the timing is starting to go).

    Endshake and cylinder play appear normal.

    Barrel hasn’t been scrubbed out yet but appears to have healthy rifling. No issues with the crown.

    No issues with the ejector rod being bent, no apparent cracks in the forcing cone.

    Cocked hammer holds fast when forward pressure is applied to it.

    Trigger pull feels like a classic K frame should - as in better than my newish 686+ PC.

    No rust on the internals. I’ve pulled the sideplate but haven’t taken out the innards yet, but everything appears fine at first glance.

    “Shot little but carried a lot” or maybe “shot little but dragged behind a Renault a lot” could sum it up. There are a few import/proof marks and I’ll try to post pics in the next day or so. Anything else I should be looking for, aside from actually shooting it?

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