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Thread: Cold Weather Gear

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    If you can get past the brand and the price, I have some Nike Combat cold weather bottoms which unlike traditional thermal wear are designed like compression tights, no bulk but they are quite warm.

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    Another “vote” for Patagonia Capilene base and middle layers, and Smartwool socks.

    We do not always have much of a winter, in SE Texas, so I can skip multiple winters years using my thicker “Expedition-weight” Capilene, but when cold happens here, it can be epic. When standing for hours in freezing rain, during one Houston Marathon, with icecicles hanging from my duty hat, I was toasty warm, underneath it all.

    Notably, odor clinging to the Capilene can be mitigated by wearing summer-weight Ex Officio T-shirts and briefs, underneath the Capilene base layer. This makes being trapped on duty, for multiple shifts, a more pleasant experience. (Capilene does not retain B.O. nearly as bad as all-polypro underwear.)

    Smartwool socks have an amazingly low-odor-retention factor, summer or winter.
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