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Thread: Replacement for Unique?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Pepperoni View Post
    I know we've gone back and forth over this before:

    I tested Win231 at 40F, 70F, 90F while you tested at more extreme temperatures.

    Working with a 135PF load (which is a good margin of safety for Action pistol) I think you saw a +-3PF variation with Win231.
    This was contrast to my experience where there was no measurable difference.

    Enos has a few threads about Win231/HP38

    The reality, however, is that Win231 is a nice broad-use powder that, with a respectable PF loading should make it at all reasonable temperature spreads.
    WST is fine for action pistol power factor loads in 9mm and .40. But I can say from first hand experience that you don't want to use WST for full power loads in either caliber. When working up I wanted to see what would happen. With a coated cast 180 grain bullet at 169 PF in .40SW I was getting 28 for an ES. The same PF with a jacketed bullet of the same weight doubled that. Note that even USPSA major power factor is lower pressure than factory pressure levels in these calibers. WST works very well for low to moderate pressure rounds, but there are just too many other choices for full power, +P or NATO type loads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boatbum101 View Post
    Unique has broad applications . Don't know if you're using a Dillon powder measure or not . A baffle & a cheap aquarium air pump attached to powder measure will reduce varitions in thrown charges . Unique also burns much cleaner in the upper range of its data for a given cartridge . Tried Universal Clays when it first came out & the only attribute was it metered better , but was unable to equal the performance / accuracy of Unique . So like 2400 I continue to use it because if you accept it's limitations & load accordingly it flat out works very well . Ramshot True Blue , Silhouette , Enforcer also would work for your applications . AA # 5 & 7 are also worth consideration
    AA powders meter sooo well...

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