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Thread: Small dots don't seem to work for me. Any red dots that have an etched reticle?

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    LASIK ten years ago, still have excellent vision. Mild astigmatism in both eyes but more pronounced in my dominant eye. T1 is "okay" but looks like a pile of grapes, have since adopted TA44 (better) and NF 1-4 (love the FCG3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrozowjj View Post
    That looks like it's the older model of their prism scope. The newer version

    Has the up/down arrows like their Razor AMG UH-1 holographic optic and it runs off a AAA instead of a CR2032 which is an improvement in my mind.
    Cabelas has the older 1301 on sale again for $170. Was looking at the two and realized the new version is called AR for a reason: the riser in the mount is integral, as it's where the battery and controls are mounted. The old version has a removable spacer so it can be installed in a "low" mount for use with conventionally stocked guns. Depending on receiver drill pattern, could even be compatible with a "CROM"-type setup if someone was interested in machining such a thing.
    Not another dime.

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    I've basiccaly put ACOGs on everything. Rifles in 5.56 have the 4x green chevron and my Scorpion has a TA44 1.5x dot.

    I tried the primary arms cyclops with the ACSS but the chevron was so small that it looked like an oblong dot at any lower magnification which I didn't like.

    Aimpoint makes a Micro H-2 with a 6 MOA dot which I would love to put on my Ruger PCC because someone started making a mount for the Micros that replace the rear sight but no one seems to have any in stock anywhere and good luck finding one on the used market.

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