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Thread: I'm No Fan of Tucker Carslon...but...

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    I fail to see why shooting your double barreled shotgun out the window into the air is not sufficient. I heard an expert recommend that. He lived in the area.

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    What an awful situation. I feel even worse that it was up to this guy’s wife to deal with the situation by herself.

    I understand that while there are parts of the US that can suffer from non-political violence, we are almost uniquely spared from the great majority of political violence. I wish people could get it into their heads that all peaceful, law-abiding citizens are on the same team, and that the only “enemy” or “other” are the people swinging bike locks and moving over pedestrians. Mobs such as this one are on that side, and are contrary to everything in the American political tradition.

    From a self-defense standpoint, a mob such as this seems to pose a hell of a challenge. The earlier comment concerned about a fire bomb is precise. I think that’s a bigger risk than someone entering the home. If I were in an inner room (no kids in my case, a simpler problem), I would personally plan to hide out there and would bprepared to tolerate some level of burglary or hooliganism as long as no one approached my inner room. I’d hope for the speedy arrival of police to keep from having to forcibly defend myself.

    From the technical perspective of self-defense, my concern would be for the crowd’s reaction to forcible self-defense. I could understand the crowd scattering at a shot or two, and I know of instances where that has happened, but I don’t know how often the opposite reaction occurs, and the crowd goes bonkers for someone’s head. I don’t know if even a DMag worth of 556 would stop an enraged crowd that had a person surrounded. I’d love to hear more about this from someone with better knowledge and experience than myself.
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    Tucker Carlson is paying the price for challenging the left. This is their age old tactic, and it's pure evil.

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    Not even sure if you can get a long gun im DC. All this stuff needs to get registered as well. Enjoy that process.

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    Seems like a GoPro on a long gun might have some utility here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCountyGuy View Post
    Was this in response to anything specific said by Carlson or was this just an episode of “spontaneous” domestic terrorism?
    What difference does it make?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drang View Post
    What difference does it make?
    In the end, none. I was simply curious if there was a specific, recent catalyst to trigger this.
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    Getcha a 12 gauge so you can hit airborne molotovs...

    In all seriousness. What is the rule if you see a firebomb? If you fire a shot at the holder and he drops it and sets a few people on fire, or if you miss and pop some poli-sci major in the grape.

    If they threaten with a bomb, I'm guessing it's still illegal to blanket the area in gunfire to disperse a crowd and the holder of such a device who isn't immediately visible.

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    If a mob has someone in its group that throws a fire bomb, aren't they all guilty? They know they are part of the mob. Does it matter whether on not they know someone is going to throw a fire bomb? Is a get-a-way driver guilty if his partner shoots someone during a robbery if the driver doesn't know the shooter had a gun?

    Seriously, not being in law enforcement myself, I would like to know.

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    IANAL, but my memory is that anyone in a mob shares responsibility for the actions of the mob (ref: Warren on homicide)

    I am way out of my lane on this one though, we really need a lawyer type.
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