Immediate Action Combatives 2.0 Take the Fight to the Bad Guy

Date: January 12 - 13, 2019

Location: Gracie Barra in Hannibal

You do not want to just survive a criminal assault you want to dominate to make sure you get home to your loved ones. In this course, we build the skills to do just that, regardless of what kind of hands on attack has taken place.

This is the next iteration of the fundamental IAC coursework. Some tweaks and refinements to make the info better, more versatile, and still easy to learn.

Topics will include:

Establishing consistent dominant positional control on the ground
Establishing consistent dominant positional control standing
Working IFWA (in-fight weapons access) across varied situations
Defending throws/takedowns
Understanding the drawstroke and appropriate extension/compression
Going from the defensive to the offensive on the ground
Going from the defensive to the offensive standing
Striking in the entanglement on the ground
Striking in the entanglement standing
Working contextual answers in various positions/situations
Building a reliable game plan to see you through complex scenarios
Getting back to your feet against resistance
Applying non-lethal, less lethal and lethal force options to defend yourself legally

These methods are for everyone regardless of physical condition young, old, male, female, athlete or not You DO NOT have to be a professional fighter to perform at a functional level. This will be a class about physical training, but it is NOT boot camp. Participants may go at the pace that is comfortable for them, while trying to push the envelope of their own individual performance.
Requirements : Loose, comfortable but durable clothes, mouthpiece, cup, notebook, and an open mind

COST: $275.00 per person. There is a 25% discount for this who have trained with me already.

Contact to get info and to register.

There will be a couple of bonus special guests who are familiar to readers of this forum FYI