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Thread: Knife Use in an Entanglement

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthNarc View Post
    Not right now but I'm working on a neutral dagger design with JB Knife and Tool that addresses this issue. For the time being the SOC-P is still the best option for running centerline on armor in a channel of MOLLE. This the blade in question? Any suggestions on handle/sheath configuration for this application?

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    I think it's really cool that even in this context, in which the hardware is a playing a pretty critical role, you're still focusing so heavily on the software. The CP obviously is the tool to use if you can, but I like your thought process on making other options work as long as they fit within some basic parameters.

    I also really like the point you're making about how there is not a planned "finish" to what you are doing; obviously you know this but 99.9+% of people will be less aware than you that you can't "script" a fight so planning "first I do this, then I get to this point, then it ends with this move" is counterproductive (but super popular anyway). I like how you're emphasizing this to your students and viewers though. It's really easy to get caught up in that kind of thinking, like there's this set of steps to follow and then you win. So much self defense stuff is presented that way.

    I really like seeing someone make that point clear, anyway, that it's contextual and it doesn't give you a set play to follow or anything, but the centreline small fixed blade buys you space and gets you wearing out your opponent, and opens up some options even from a position where you have hardly any. Cool videos. - Canada's gun magazine, printed on actual tree-paper, using ink made from the tears of futuristic digital blogulators, and distributed to roughly 0.1% of the population of Canada. I'm the chief editor there, which explains my drinking problem, which explains my posts.

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    Tim Kennedy @ Shot Show demo'ing simulated knife fight. Opponent has shock knife.

    Thought this was interesting, and relevant to this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheap Shot View Post
    Tim Kennedy @ Shot Show demo'ing simulated knife fight. Opponent has shock knife.

    Thought this was interesting, and relevant to this thread.
    That was cool. For those that might not know Kennedy, his grappling creds are solid: retired pro MMA/UFC fighter, SF/Green Beret, and all-service combatives champ. The guy is definitely on the short list of people who can be expected to take a shock knife away from the average dude and put it in their butt. Not everyone has those chops, but it shows that the theories expounded by our friendly P-F SMEs are good, and worth pursuing.
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