Well, I hope Mr. White will forgive me for being tardy, but with holiday and travel, just got around to it...
New to me Gen5 Model45(“Stealth X”), out of a Level 3 Safariland rig; had a TLR8 mounted and “Bold” sights, .180 front.
Results: 7/10 hits(others high), with (4)9s, (2)10s and 1”X”= 11 points. Good on time on all runs-3 seconds and change.
I am encouraged by this performance. A touch puzzled at initial high hits(WW 147gr. fmj), I adjusted aim point to just at 6 o’clock at 25 yards-next 7 hit.
Being encouraged is a good thing!
I’ll hit this again!
Thanks, Mr. White!