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Thread: Surefire Stiletto

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    I *love* my sidekick, its on me daily even when I have a bigger light.

    I'm hoping the Stiletto Pro leads to a great non-Pro black friday deal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GyroF-16 View Post
    Looks cool.

    Two initial thoughts:
    1. “Wow - costs twice as much ($230 vs $110) as the old Stiletto to go from 650-1000 lumens.”
    2. Remembering the discernible, but not dramatic difference between the original Stiletto’s medium (250 lm) and high (supposedly 650 lm), wondering how much brighter the new 1000 lm will actually seem.

    Not sure I have a case of the “wants” for this. But I’d be interested to compare them side-by-side and see if there was a significant difference. It would take a lot to justify twice the price, though.
    I want it mainly because you can reverse the clip now and carry it bezel down— but I don’t want it enough to pay $230. I’ll wait for Black Friday or a coupon code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TC215 View Post
    Burned once, twice shy

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    Looks like the body buttons on the Pro are recessed, or at least less prominent than the standard. That should help with the accidental activation, will see if it's enough.

    No mention of a lockout feature in the lit so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanJ View Post
    Got one yesterday. I plugged it in to charge and the light turned on and gave off a super low, maybe one lumen, beam. It's been doing this non-stop since yesterday. The light seems to function normally but anytime I don't turn it on there is a super low beam coming from the led.

    I sent an email off to surefire CS. Anyone else experience this? I can't find anything in the manual or googling.
    Did Surefire ever get back to you on this. Mine is doing the same thing.
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    I like the current one enough to get the Pro. The reversible clip should not only lead to fewer accidental activations, but also mitigate the ones that slip through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigT View Post
    Did Surefire ever get back to you on this. Mine is doing the same thing.
    I sent it back. I think they sent me a new one. Light works fine now.

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    The low should be lower. Weird it went from 5 to 25 for the low

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    Well, after watching this I decided to go ahead and order one.

    I'm pretty happy with my EDCL1-T, but would really like something slimmer in my pocket and have been wanting a rechargeable option anyways. I've thought about getting the standard model a few times, but Ihave waited for the pro mostly for the reversible clip.

    It can be hard to tell from videos, but I like the way the beam looks. I would have probably preferred a 5 lumen low mode with longer battery life also, but since its rechargeable I'm willing to see how it works out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontshakepandas View Post
    [video=youtube;Y6aYUjs0XeU]I would have probably preferred a 5 lumen low mode . . .
    Do we have any clue how bright the flashlight mode on typical smart phones are? I'd make a completely uneducated guess it's something like 5-10 lumens. ASSuming that's true, having a brighter option task light appeals to me personally.


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