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Thread: Shooting incidents in the news.

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    Shooting incidents in the news.

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss current shooting incidents or gun related news with respect to self defense and what we can all learn from them in the way of our own tactics. Intelligent debate, advice and comments are all welcome with respect to the given information. Hopefully this will also turn into a list of positive uses of firearms and will support the position of being pro-gun in regards to defending one's self and loved ones versus the slander that often pervades our modern media.

    I will try to update this daily if at all possible so that current, relevent shootings can be discussed. If you have something to contribute that I haven't posted, please do so, but follow the guidelines of providing a link to the information and a small summary in your post.

    In no way is this a thread to slander, bash, insult or denegrate LEOs, military or private citizens for their actions. This is a place for us to learn from other's experiences, what works, what doesn't and how we can become better prepared to deal with a situation if we're ever confronted with a similar scenario. Due to the nature of the topic there will be posts that some people will consider MMQB'ing (Monday Morning Quarter Backing) and that's unavoidable. If you're not comfortable with discussing shooting incidents and having people dissect the information that's provided by the media please don't participate.

    We all know that the media is biased, has an agenda and often times isn't very accurate in their reporting. However, we can only discuss what information the media provides in most instances so please keep this in mind.

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    Quick question: might we want to paste an entire article into a post, in addition to providing a link to the article? Given enough time, links might become inactive and details of the story unavailable.

    Not sure how this idea squares with the copyright policy of p-f.

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    This is fantastic, a good substitute for "Armed Citizen" on the NRA site or American Rifleman. Great idea.

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    "homeowner walked into a closet, got his 9 mm gun and shot the intruder, striking him once in the chest". One shot stop. Must have got him right in the heart.

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