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Thread: Glock MOS RDS install thread (What has worked for me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erick Gelhaus View Post
    Not sure where else to put this. Got an email from a student. He's a Canoe U grad (USNA) and a commercial pilot. Anyone with enough time on a Glock MOS pistol to opine on this?

    Here's the student's question:

    I am having a weird issue with my rear suppressor sight 'floating' to the left after shooting the pistol.
    It doesn't happen consistently-only twice in approximately 2k rounds. It is not loose - can not be moved by hand.
    Have you ever heard of this happening? Maybe the plate puts pressure on the strip of metal in front of the dovetail am having a weird issue with my rear suppressor sight 'floating' to the left after shooting the pistol.
    Maybe it is just the dovetail.

    Thoughts? I finally got my hands on a MOS gun but it'll be a bit before I get enough rounds through it to have any thoughts.

    eta: Type 2 RMR and the C&H precision V4 mil/leo plate.
    Interesting. I had my rear move to the left once - it’s a pressed in (i.e. not fitted) Ameriglo suppressor set on a 19.5 MOs with a C&H V3 and a RMR. I told myself if it happens again, I’ll wick some Loctite into the dovetail.

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    Hopefully this is the right thread to ask this question. Scenario is an optic install for my Glock 48 non-MOS. I want to get it milled for a Holosun 507k.

    I am seeing at least three options on what to do with the rear sight. Here is a set of options from a typical vendor (Battlewerx).

    Name:  52E28AD5-216B-40BA-9FEB-A54A869C8186.jpeg
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    Is there any obvious choice here? This will be for carry.

    Based on what little I think I know (not a lot) the 507k optic body can serve as a rudimentary backup rear sight based on its shape. Since milling is a one-way trip, and I won’t (?) need a rear sight, I’m thinking option 3?
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