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Thread: HiTS Shotgun Nov 25, Dallas, TX

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    HiTS Shotgun Nov 25, Dallas, TX

    HiTS is doing a one day shotgun class on Sunday, Nov 25,2018 at Dallas Pistol Club. This is a dynamic class that is for those familiar with the defensive shotgun and want to learn to run it proactively. $175.00
    Just a Hairy Special Snowflake supply clerk with no field experience, shooting an Asymetric carbine as a Try Hard. Snarky and easily butt hurt. Favorite animal is the Cape Buffalo....likely indicative of a personality disorder.
    "If I had a grandpa, he would look like Delbert Belton".

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    Liking that Sun. choice, now to make sure the Pipester doesn’t schedule our resurrected USPSA club match @ Jerry’s that day.

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    Definitely in!

    I'm bringing two nephews, and a small dumptruck full of shotguns. Probably going to run the 1301T, or hopefully the Benelli M2 Entry gun if the stamp ever arrives.

    I'm also going to experiment with a left-handed 870 with an Aimpoint S-1.

    Many tools for attendees to try out.

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