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Thread: Best woods ammo for Ti cylinder .357 N frame?

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    Underwood 180gr LFNHCGC ....
    This is a fine load ...

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    I own a M986 and enjoy shooting it. I only use a cotton patch and CLP to clean the cylinder as another mentioned. I need to buy more moon clips and possibly a rubber grip by Hogue. I know now not to shoot 115 grain ammo. I should have read the manuel! My gun has the 2.5 inch barrel. I mainly wanted to say that i enjoy taking it to the range and plan on shooting the heck ou if it once i have 20-50 moon clips.

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    So i read the manual. Do not use MAGNUM loads with bullets weighing less than 120 grains. Shooting 9mm ammo should be safe in general; that is nice to know. I will stay away from +P practice ammo. Now if i can just decide on what brand of moon clips to buy.
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    Is that on the right track, or is there something I've failed to consider/understand?
    There's been much hand wringing going on since at least the early 2000's about flame cutting and titanium erosion in Smith and Wessons, and very few examples of being much more than a cosmetic problem. It will eventually be a problem, do you have the dedication and pain tolerance to shoot the thousands of rounds required for it to be an issue? Even if you have a problem, I not aware of anyone having a problem getting a new cylinder from S&W.

    Personally I would look for a milder .357 round, like a 135gr Gold Dot or 145 Silvertip, as my main concern would be 2 legged critters and feral dogs.
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    140-grain Barnes over ~6.0 grains of Unique. Should settle in sonewhere in the 1250fps realm. That should be good enough for anything in your neck of the woods (barring finding Hogzilla out there). Any southeast Texas black bears are probably pretty scrawny. You could, I suppose, just opt for the Barnes factory loaded round (which is what I carry in a GP100 when out and about in the field everywhere, where there arenít grizzlies).
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    Around here, I reckon 165gr or 230gr+P HST from a USP or P220 would git 'er done just fine, and that's moar rounds, too. I've been known to hike in places with significantly less-scrawny bears, though.
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