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Thread: Permitted Pistol Optics

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    I've been saying that about iron sights for years; why pay a hundred bucks of machine time for a stylish fixed sight?
    Dots are only making it worse; get the best on the market now and not only the sight but the whole slide will be obsolete next year.
    Couldn't agree more. Even if I had the scratch to tried out a MRDS on a pistol, I'd have to use the marginally OK MOS system in the hopes of not having to ruin a slide trying the "wrong" optic.

    Sooner or later, one would hope, manufacturers will figure out that if there's not a standard footprint, they're going to have a hard time getting the general public to dip their toe in these expensive waters...

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    I think that in five years we'll be in a completely different place on mounting interfaces. Hopefully, there can be some kind of standardization on this. But, in the interim, you CAN make MOS work and therefore maintain some flexibility on your optics choices. It's a matter of materials (cast plates are probably not a good idea), proper length screws, thread prep routines, thread sealants, proper torque, etc. In other words, it's just like the careful routines you do for a precision optic on a serious use rifle/carbine.

    We are in the learning curve on this and we will divine out the way.
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    We donít have a policy regarding one way or the other. We supply our own duty guns and I donít see many people I work with being enough of a gun guy or gal to float out the cash for the optic and either milling their gun or buying a optic ready gun.

    Probably the closest would be me, but thatíd be a ways off due to cost.

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    We are in the process of doing a street T&E for final approval for Officers. Iím one of the testers. Iím using a G17 gen 4 MOS and a Delta Point Pro. Trijicon RMR is the other option.

    Iíve got 2000 + rounds through mine with one battery change. I love it with my older eyes and glasses.

    Like our 1911 program Officers will have to buy the gun and holster for it. Options are a factory MOS cutout or there are approved gunsmiths for the cutout.
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    Have been trying to get the Brass onboard for the last 18 months. NO interest. "We don't think we need to be exploring this technology at this time...."did one of those 10 minute presentations for my last Firearms Instructor Updates on MRDS on pistols and had chiefs of police and senior DPS Master Instuctors nodding with my points and taking notes, and asking for references. Several of the instructional old guard were making accusations of buying skill or needing a crutch. In reality, all but one of them have absolutely no input into authorized depertmental equipment and training. The one may not be too huge an obsticle. Everyone who has handled and shot the piece has loved it.

    Current plan: Current SOP never saw this possibility, so there is nothing against it. All weapons must be approved by the Firearms Staff on an individual basis before being submitted to the Chief for final approval. I am1/3 of the Firearms Staff, and that particular gun is already approved by the Chief for duty, backup, and off duty carry. I have shot the off duty qualification with it, with the optic, and am carrying it regularly. I have added lasergrips to ALL my duty pistols as long as I have been emplyed by this agency, and added them POST approval as accessories. And our rifle poicy explicity permits lasers, red dot, and magnified optics, and for as long as we have bee issuing rifles they have been issued with Eotechs and Aimpoints, depending on what was cheaper on the state contract. I will be qualifying with a MRDS equiped pistol next summer and be carrying it afterwards. The Chief will be retired and when the new one comes in It will be in my holster for duty.

    Also wanting a ACRO and a G19 Gen 5 for a Roland Build, and a G34 duty holster.

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