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Thread: Alien Pistol from Laugo Arms

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    Alien Pistol from Laugo Arms

    We live in interesting times as gun enthusiasts. Every couple months we see a interesting pistol come to the market. But this one looks really innovative..
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    No idea whether this particular gun will deliver but it's the configuration I have been arguing for, for years. To me, this is the arrangement that will make pistol red dots a valid option for the vast majority of users.
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    There was another thread on here somewhere about this pistol already I believe.

    Pretty interesting.
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    That is interesting. I'll for sure be keeping an eye out for more developments on this one, should they come to pass.

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    I'm a little skeptical of a gas piston semi auto pistol... but if it runs and is reasonably priced, they'll sell like hotcakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephrology View Post
    I'm a little skeptical of a gas pistol semi auto pistol
    Yeah, the HK P7 is super cool and all, but there's that whole thing about how if you fire more than a mag or two, the thing gets too hot to hold on to. I'll be interested to know what sort of solution they found for that issue. Gas piston in the top rail section so it's away from your hand, maybe?

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    My first thought is that it's going to be difficult to get empty brass to eject up out of that low set barrel at the same level of reliability exhibited by pistols already on the market. I'd love a Glock-reliable autoloader without reciprocating sights though.

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    I'm not sure I see this particular gun gaining traction, but with the proliferation of RDS as standard hopefully this concept becomes viable.

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    I saw one cryptic reference to "north of $2K" for a price range, but Google translate could have interfered...has anyone seen a hint as to expected pricing?

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