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Thread: Week 288: When It Counts

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    Week 288: When It Counts

    Week 288: When It Counts

    Results may be posted until October 28th, 2018.

    Designed by: Todd Louis Green
    Range: 5, 15, and 25 yards
    Target: B8 repair center, download here:
    Start Position: Concealed or Duty/Retention Holster
    Rounds Fired: 15

    All shooting is from the holster and done freestyle.

    At 5 yards, 5 shots from the holster in 5 seconds.

    At 15 yards, 5 shots from the holster in 7.5 seconds.

    At 25 yards, 5 shots from the holster in 10 seconds.

    Shots fired over the indicated par are misses.

    If you cannot draw from a holster, remove one second from the par times and report your score from a ready position which has the muzzle off the target by at least three feet for the beginning of each string.

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:

    Pistol and holster used
    Points per distance including Xs
    Total score for all three distances including Xs
    Anything you noticed

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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    Week 288: When It Counts

    Glock 34.3, Ameriglo Agent sights, from a Safariland ALS duty holster.

    I forgot to record each strings score, but I was under each time limit by at least 1.5 seconds for each string.

    Overall score was a 143/150, with 7x

    Lessons learned: I need to use the time allotted more efficiently, and continue with practicing more at the 25.

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    I ran this twice today. No pictures because my phone is at the mothership getting repaired.

    Pistol and holster used G19-5 concealed AIWB in a DSG Orion
    Points per distance including Xs I screwed this up the first time, and recorded my times for the strings instead of my points. I did document the scored for the individual strings on my second attempt though.
    5y: 49 (1X)
    15y: 45 (0X)
    25y: 27 (0X)
    Total score for all three distances including Xs 121/150 (0X) and 131/150 (1X)
    Anything you noticed I missed the paper twice on both attempts, really tanking my score. On the first attempt I missed once at 15y and once at 25y. On the second attempt I missed twice at 25y. I continue to fall apart at distance when shooting under time pressure. It's something I'll keep working on.
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    Ran this today, twice - had bad trigger snatch for first shot @ 5yd, wanted to see how much I could improve.

    CZ P-09/s JMCK AIWB with t-shirt

    1st run
    5yd - 3.14 35pts 0x (one off paper )
    15yd - 5.70 32pts 0x
    25yd - 7.61 38pts 0x

    105 points. Had plenty of time - just need to be visually patient. Also, wait to see sight lift - no more, fire! now!
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    2nd run
    5yd - 3.54 49pts 3x
    15yd - 6.29 38 pts 2x (one off paper )
    25yd - 7.85 33 pts 0x (one off paper!)

    120 points.

    Should have been more patient, but got much better hits each run, without the expense that much more time. Great drill for just 15 rounds, will be repeating.
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    The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

    Humbly improving with CZ's.

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    Shot this along with a couple of other drills this afternoon on a well lit indoor range.
    String 1: 49 points, (1)X
    String 2: 46 points, (1)X
    String 3: 40 points(all 8s!)
    GLOCK Model 45(9), our of an unconcealed Tenicor OWB Holster.
    滴unting for front sight at 25 yards, and didn稚 use time.
    Will shoot again!

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    Warmed up for this with a 天ickers 300/286 points. GLOCK Model45(9) out of an unconcealed Tenicor OWB.
    A little disappointed with a 127. Lost the most points at distance. Probably need to concentrate on distance for a session or two.
    I will work on this one again; for 15 rounds, more than worth it.

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    Started my session today on lit indoor range w/this:
    S1: 50 points (1)X in 3.66
    S2: 48 points in 5.61
    S3: 46 points in 7.60
    Total: 144
    I still am not using the time allotted, particularly @15&25.
    A little more patience with this. I was inspired to shoot it from concealment: G45 out of a Tenicor holster under jacket.

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    Glock 17.5 Dawson Competition sights from open

    5 yards - 47 - 1x
    15 yards - 31 - 0x
    25 yards - 38 - 0x

    116 - 1x

    FN 509 Stock sights from open

    5 yards - 42 - 1x
    15 yards - 39 - 0x (1 mike)
    25 yards - 36 - 1x (1 mike)

    117 - 2x with 2 mikes off the paper.
    Ran several tests with the 509. I really don't like it at all. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just not for me.

    19 October 2018

    Glock 19x Ameriglo Bold Sights from open

    5 yards 49 - 1x
    15 yards 43 - 0x
    25 yards 40 - 0x

    132 - 1x

    Also shot this with the Springfield Operator. Had a really good run going but had a terrible 25 yard round. Group was all on the top of the target with 2 rounds high off the target. I forgot to record the score.

    I like this test a lot and I think I'm going to use it as a warm-up for awhile. I really struggle from 25 yards most days. It all boils down to poor trigger control.

    I'm also having some vision issues. Doc says I need bifocals. It was a little overcast both days and the sun was also getting low. My usual Dawson fibers were really difficult to pick up. I don't know if I really shoot the 19x better than the 17. I think the sights were just easier to track. That big orange dot is just really easy to find. I would like to try a set of the Bolds for a 43 on the 19x. The current sights hit too low.

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    Pistol and holster used: G19.5, JMCK AIWB holster and mag pouch with cover fleece.

    Points per distance including Xs:

    5 yards: 2.95 seconds, 50-2X
    15 yards: 5.29 seconds, 47-1X
    25 yards: 8.14 seconds, 46-0X

    Total score for all three distances including Xs: 143-3X

    Anything you noticed: I put one shot in the 8 ring at 15 yards, and one shot right beside it at 25 yards. Otherwise they were in. I had some time left over with the shots, so I could have taken a bit more time at the longer distances. Trigger finger placement with the G19 is something I'm paying attention to...middle of the finger tip or I'll send the shots left. I can be reliably target focused at 5 yards, but not at 15 and 25 yards.

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