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Thread: Smith 686+ PC Snub - AIWB Holster Options?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blues View Post
    You're welcome.

    Nope that was the way it came stock. (Except for the front sight.)

    S&W Image:

    Ahhh, my mistake. It's the PC 686 Plus that is unfluted.

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    @Tony Mayer, flagging you in this thread because I know I wasn't the only person who wanted this.
    Are we at production on these?
    Any updates at all?

    Thank you.

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    Guys, right now it is stalled. My mold guy is completely buried, and had not found a real gun to scan for a mold. Will talk to him when I am back next week and let you know what's happening. Thanks

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    FWIW, since it may be moot given Tony's reply above, here's a couple images of the holster he made for the 3" 686+ (with fluted cylinder):

    (Images taken from this thread I started a couple years back.)
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