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Thread: Tenicor AIWB

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    Will the malus sol retain the gun without the light?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ndbbm View Post
    Will the malus sol retain the gun without the light?


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    8 days of 12+ hour use.

    Note the mentioned wedge and the soft Velcro on the light bezel portion

    The square nuts on the dcc clip screws havenít loosened no tilted with vigorous use.

    I have to say Iím pleasantly surprise by this kydex

    The open muzzle isnít a deal breaker like it appears as the built in wedge alone would keep the comp distanced from your junk.

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    Bought a VELO4 to carry my G45 with compensator in. I honestly had reservations about the molded-in body contouring possibly being uncomfortable, and Iíve been pleasantly surprised to find quite the opposite. I find it more comfortable than an added wedge, most notably Iíve used the Dr Schollís pad. The ride height for the holster is also a plus as Iíve usually found myself wishing to get my holster and gun a little higher so I donít hit my belt with my knuckles on the draw. Can definitely appreciate the thoughtful design apparent in the final product.
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