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Thread: Tenicor AIWB

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    I really like this holster, but not the built in wedge. I'm about to cut it off, so I can put on a normal wedge.

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    I just picked up a velo to replace my incog for my g43 which I’ve had for close to two years but really didn’t do it for me. On the velo I had to smooth out the bottom half of the holster near the trigger guard since it was tearing up the knuckle on my middle finger after only a handful of draws. Still tweaking the clip position but it conceals 10x better than my incog but not quite as well as my eidolon which hides my 19 better than the velo hides my 43.
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    Mine arrived today. I got the model with fixed soft loops. It took a few tries to like it, but after playing with all three holes and moving it more center-line I finally found the “sweet spot.” This will replace my JMCK Wing Claw 2.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HopetonBrown View Post
    Search Tenicor, there's been some talk. The owner is a member of the forum, I'll assume he just got a lot busier now that he's Defoor's holster of choice.
    Quote Originally Posted by CalmlyDeMented View Post
    I was wondering about that since he wasn’t using the Eidolon anymore. Now he says Tenicor is the best ever. Didn’t he help design the Eidolon?
    Did Defoor do a review of the Velo? I'd like to see that. I generally like the Eidolon so I'm interested in his assessment of the Velo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irelander View Post
    Did Defoor do a review of the Velo? I'd like to see that. I generally like the Eidolon so I'm interested in his assessment of the Velo.
    Yes. Check out his instagram page.

    defoorproformanceshootingAfter months of searching this is my AIWB holster of choice now. It’s called the Velo and made by @tenicorusa. Pictured is my G43 version. I also have the G19 version and use both regularly.

    This holster has no contemporary at present; one piece design with a molded in wedge as part of it, smartest sweatguard ever, complete coverage of muzzle no matter how you move, large enough opening to let brass fall through, @sayocglobal clip system manufactured by @discreetcarryconcepts with echeloned screw holes, ability to use one or two clips. Great retention that can be adjusted to suit different preferences. •
    All of these traits make the Velo perform great during combatives, hot summer months, with or without multiple clothes, on motorcycles, running, climbing and during long, multi day range sessions.

    My highest recommendation and I’m stoked to have found this USA made company and to be associated with them.

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    I have one each of their Velo AIWB and Certum strong side IWBs, I really like both but I haven't used a lot of other AIWB holsters. The Certum is one of the best IWBs I've used and has some subtle features athat really amke it stand out. The polymer is a little more flexible than I'm used to with kydex so I'm not sure if it's kydex or something else. In any case it's a nice material that seems really durable. Retention and draw are right on. I like the triangle three hole configuration for the loop/clips/whatever you use and the metal clips allow height adjustment. The included hardware is high quality stuff. Finally, they conceal better than anything else I've used. The new Glock 45 conceals no problem. After a few range sessions I'm making these my go-to holsters for small frame Glocks.

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    My L/H M&P aiwb arrived today. Jeff was kind enough to include an extra set of belt attachments. Look forward to seeing how this pans out.

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    I just got one and started wearing it. Just for grins today I did a mini road trip one hour each way to a friend's house. T-shit and shorts. It's comfortable even sitting in the car. It conceals ridiculously well without dicking around with wedges. It's well made and shipped fast. The steel clips are convenient while staying within my comfort level for retention. After asking them, neither the friend nor his wife realized I was carrying a handgun.

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    I have the Velo and Certum. Initially, I tried to use the Certum for AIWB using the RCS wing. The holster is solid but I'm not a fan of those fat clips. I ordered the Velo and tried it. I hated it. The wedge dug into me and caused tons of discomfort. I threw it back in the drawer and forgot about it. In fact, I was about to return them for a refund. Once I saw Kyle Defoor, Bill Blowers, and a few others raving about it, I gave it another shot. I moved the holster over slightly, and wow. There was no discomfort at all. I've tried multiple holsters from Bravo Concealment, TRex Arms, and other various manufacturers and thought I found the perfect holster when I began to use the Trex Raptor. The Velo is now my go-to. It conceals better than any other holster out at the moment, all while maintaining a small footprint. I'm still debating on sending the Certum back and just picking up an Arx, but I'm definitely going to pick up another Velo for my 19. If you carry a G43, the Velo is without a doubt the best holster on the market. Tenicor is the real deal.

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    I utilized my Tenicor Velo in Bill Rapier's integrated handgun/combatives course this past weekend. Both the holster and the course highly recommended.

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