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Hell, I don't go to Wal-mart in the day time. Once I discovered Amazon, actually going to a big box store to purchase tube socks and D cell batteries lost whatever appeal it had pretty quickly. If I need something *now* it's probably from a hardware store. Most anything else can be delivered.
Same. I signed up for Prime when I was living in Orlando and never wanted to look back. Probably added years to my life with not having to deal with the clueless masses (between UCF students, Sally Soccermom, Tina Trophywife, and the sketchy tweakers and thug life types . . . yeah, thanks but no) Living down in South FL now . . . yeah, if I can't order it online I'll do without for the most part.

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Not to derail the thread but I, too, have noticed lately a lot of people who claim to have narrowly escaped being kidnapped or having a loved one kidnapped by sex traffickers only to miraculously escape and then bravely share their story (anonymously) online. Of course, the police are never involved because that would be too traumatic but rehashing the details in an online forum are apparently not.

WTF? These people need to be pushed back on and hard. There are no lessons to be learned from this nonsense or at least none when it comes to actual self defense.
I have 4-5 friends from FL to AL to northern IL who will share shit like that on Facebook weekly. It's kind of maddening that all those people will be so freaked out but only post it to Facebook. If I didn't know any better, I'd think there were more Russian human traffickers lurking at Walmart and Publix than customers and employees.

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