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Thread: H2H Self Defense Training, North Houston Area

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    H2H Self Defense Training, North Houston Area

    I am interested in getting some continuous weekly) hand to hand combative training, and have no idea where to start. Not for the fun of it stuff, rather fundamental skills for self defense. I gather that BJJ would probably be a good place to start, but Iím open to other suggestions (especially based on value/effectiveness and proximity.)

    Does anyone have any suggestions in the North Houston area? I live in The Woodlands area, and with work/family obligations it would be awesome if I could find something close.

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    BJJ and (kick)boxing. If you're lucky, the same gym can teach you both.

    Editing for suggestions because my reading sucks...I think there is a Gracie academy near/in Houston. It's a decent place to start as any, due to having an instructor with a verifiable lineage.

    As with firearms trainers...not everyone teaches the same stuff for the same reasons.
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    There is a Gracie place just a few miles from my house:

    Would that be a good choice?

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    I've trained at two different Gracie schools in two different states and they were both wonderful, both very much self defense focused, competing was something you could do on your own time.

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    If you're looking to straight-up learn self-defense a BJJ gym is your best bet. if the gym happens to have a striking program such as Muay Thai or Boxing then you literally don't need anything else.

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    When I did a seminar at Saddle River Range last May, I looked around for legit gyms in the area to train at in case I had extra time. That academy was one of the ones I had circled to go to if circumstances allowed. I was not able to because my flight got in extra late on Friday, but it looks like a really solid choice and I am sure you will have a good experience there.
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    Well I guess that just about settles it! Thanks for the info guys. Next is getting it past the budgetary approval committee (Mrs Crews)

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