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Thread: JMCK + Discreet Carry Concepts cips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCT125US View Post
    On a wing claw 2.0 using the DCC clips, what range of adjustment is available as far as depth and cant?
    I will have to measure the slots in on the DCC clips we use to know for sure, but around a half an inch of adjustment in ride height and maybe 10- 15 degree of cant. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Mayer View Post
    Rockey, sorry but the Labor Day sale ended last night. You can still use the P-FORUM discount though. Thanks
    PF Forum discount you say??

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    Want to share that I recently upgraded a couple of JMCK IWB holsters with the JMCK steel clip. I had experienced situations with the plastic clip becoming insecure over the belt when driving and getting in an out of the car etc. The steel clip is the same form as the plastic one but it has retained position for several seeks of use and is indeed more secure. I highly recommend it over the plastic one.

    I have to de-gun / re-gun over the course of the day depending on location and this steel clip has been great. The snap loops are fine but sometimes are difficult when in the car etc.


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