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Thread: Which Glock Disassembly tool to get?

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    Call it overkill but that's kind of my thing... Not liking the silly little handles on all the "official" Glock Tools I made my own. I bought a 2.0MM hex driver from Dynamite through Amazon and ground off the tip and then dressed it. The 2mm driver has a 2.5mm shaft which is basically 3/32". It's like $12 and the aluminum handle is a joy to use... Well worth the extra effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanM View Post
    I use a 3/32Ē punch. I donít remember the make but you can probably get one on Amazon for a couple of dollars. The only differences between the Glock Armorerís Tool and a generic punch are the plastic handle and a slightly longer shaft.

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    The Glock armorer instructor at my first armorer's school in 1991 had a box of Starrett 3/32 center punches which he issued to the attendees.

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