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Thread: Police Trade-In no-lock 642-1 j-frames...

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    Police Trade-In no-lock 642-1 j-frames...

    Proven Arms and Outfitters (formerly Quantico Tactical) have a bunch of Police Trade-In no-lock 642-1's available in three difference grades from $225 to $299:

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    Thanks! Just snagged one. I've been wanting a J-Frame for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity.

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    I do not need another 642. I do not need another 642. I do not need another 642...

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    Me, neither. No we don't.
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    Me either, I already have two 642s but itís tempting

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    Iím having a hard time resisting this. Iíve been mulling over several options that I could possibly get into for pocket or NPE carry and this would be an inexpensive and good choice.

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    New ones were available for those prices after rebate toward the end of 2017. I ended up with an M&P 340.
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    Cool. Now the SO has her own for this year's Revolver Round-Up.
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    Police Trade-In no-lock 642-1 j-frames...

    I wondered what happened to Quantico. I always liked stopping there when I was near Ft Riley. They always had TDA Sigs marked down that had been sitting on the shelf for a couple years.

    I would like to find a trade in 640 Pro and then a 340. I definitely donít need another 642.
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