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Thread: Airsoft Training?

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    Airsoft Training?

    I have been useing a Gas Blow back airsoft gun to get in some extra practice, rounds are really cheep and it still has some blowback, what is your thoughts on this, I just like it because I can get in some target practice in my backyard

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    I played airsoft for the first time today actually. The rental gun I was using was an AEG without any blowback so maybe the nicer gas guns wouldn稚 be as bad, but I can definitely see it leading to sloppy technique as far as stance and overall recoil control. Keep that stuff in mind and it seems to have its place as a training tool, especially if range availability is limited.

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    Having spent a fair bit of time trying to make airsoft a viable training option (if my practice journal is still around you can see the progression there) I will say the juice is not worth the squeeze. In fact, training with airsoft caused more issues in my shooting than it helped. When you use airsoft (gas blowback) you start to learn the timing and recoil of that gun. When you go back to your real gun you will quickly realize the damage you have done. There are lots of other detractors in my opinion, like weight, sights, magazines, etc. Again, it caused more problems than it solved and I would not recommend it to anyone serious about their shooting.
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    Made me worse

    My experience mirrors AJZ's. My recoil control got much worse and I developed a flinch, I think because I got away with gripping the airsoft pistol very lightly. I spent about 6 to 9 months experimenting with it, shot a bullseye and small reactive steel targets every morning.

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    I think the value of Airsoft for training is mostly in FoF scenarios similar to an ECQC class. The actual shooting part plays such a small role in the training that shooting a few rounds through an Airsoft gun won't harm you when you transition back to your real gun. It's very important to have mature role players and a realistic script they need to stick to. If the training devolves into a childish Airsoft battle, then it has no value. If you're part of a training group that works on good FoF scenarios, then Airsoft is way more budge friendly than Sims or UTM.
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    I've owned a bunch. They're all toys in the end, dry fire in a basement is far more useful.

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    I second their use in FOF. Better option that in the older days with Code Eagle Revolvers. For handling skills, not so much. I had a airsoft and a sticky target that I used to shoot but switched to a SIRT and dry fire of an obviously empty real gun.

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    Echoing above.......excellent option for FOF, and it requires very little PPE as opposed to Simrounds or UTM.

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