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Thread: 1,000 Lumen X300U

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDFIII View Post
    @Grey is tan available yet?
    I ordered one off surefires website... I probably incorrectly assumed it was ready to ship if I could order it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gio View Post
    You may have tried this, but if you loosen the 6 set screws on top of the A it will make it easier to slide off and on. I adjust it a half turn at a time and test until I can more easily slide it on and off the rail. Usually it only takes a half or 3/4 turn backed off from fully seated to make it much easier to remove.
    I usually have issues getting the A models off my sigs, but that is more the fault of sig using their wonky convex shaped rails on everything but the MK25. I have also gone to loosening the 6 set screws to make it easier. I've honestly thought about buying a MK25 simply to use the frame with a real pic rail on the bottom.

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