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Thread: Glock trigger manipulation with sights in motion

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    I have been working on smiling when shooting, but so far I keep forgetting to do so. Do you move the gun to the target, stop and then break the shot, or do you coordinate the trigger and moving, so the shot breaks as soon as you reach the target? I am working on the second approach. Here is a very short video showing how I work the trigger between targets.
    On tight shots I move, stop, and then press as Iím cleaning up the sights. On close stuff Iím on the trigger much more aggressively. In matches I consistently shoot the most Aís, so I fully admit I am probably over aiming and/or not being aggressive enough with trigger prep. Iím going to have to give your method a go and see what I can learn about it.
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    I continue to find that with the Glock trigger, working the trigger with the sights in motion gives me the best results.

    This is from a practice session today. Highlights:

    Shooting half of Gabeís test with only half an A zone.

    Quasi el Prez, but at 25 yards on eight inch steel.

    Draw and shoot three eight inch steel at 15 yards, reload and repeat support hand.

    Draw and shoot three eight inch steel at 15 yards, strong hand.

    Shoot eight inch steel at 30 yards, support hand only.

    Four aces, testing a new mag release that my wife likes as a left hand shooter on the Gen 4.

    bill drill.

    You can definitely see that I am working the trigger between shots so the shot breaks as I reach the target.

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