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He says it's pointless, because your adversary can track you without effort. He side stepped and had a student track his movement with a "finger gun". FWIW Aaron Barruga (Guerrilla Approach) gives an identical demo in his pistol classes.

I don't think either instructor is trying to imply that movement is not important in a gun fight. They're just saying that one lateral step is not going to cause your adversary to miss or "disrupt his OODA loop". .

I think you hit on the context here. I can side step a bullet if I move at just the right time and the bad guy is actually pulling the trigger. The reality of doing that on purpose seems impossible and to me a bit silly.

Moving with the sidestep absolutely has value for other reasons. For me as a civilian it's more about gaining or keeping distance while I use force. And of course a side step is step one in movement. Heck it might be step one in running away. Errr.... I mean tactically retreating.