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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    LOL, indeed. It does surprise me sometimes how many people have never fired a revolver.

    I was in a Paul Sharp/William April class earlier this year, and loaned a nice old 6" K-38 to a shooter. They did very well in the class, but had never fired a wheelgun before. It was a good opportunity to do some cross-training.

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    Duty gun in a local match.

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    My match LTT at this week’s Practical Pistol League (hereinafter referred to as PPL) at the range where Mr. White holds court and gives good advice and suggestions. Looks like about 89 rounds this evening.

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    I got my 870 back today from Wilson Combat, where they did their "Remington Steal" package with sights plus added a Mesa Tactical sidesaddle. The range was too crowded for me to do much. My plan was to zero it with slugs at 25 yards and then see where the Federal Flite Control hit. The slugs I used were Federal Truball Low Recoil. It took me a few minutes to find the right Allen wrench (7/64) to adjust the rear sight before I left home.

    Here are the first three rounds. Turned out that I didn't need the Allen wrench.

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    And here's the shotgun:

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    I fired three rounds of nine-pellet FC 00 from 25 yards and they impacted about three inches low. I might try zeroing the shotgun at 50 yards and see what that does to POI of the buckshot at 25.

    I wasn't able to do any closer work due to other folks being on the range. I often have the range pretty much to myself when I shoot during the week, so that'll have to wait until after the weekend.

    I'm pretty happy with the work, and the 870 is handier than my 590A1.

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    Rimfire smiles. First time out with my CZ 512 carbine. 25 rounds of Mini Mag and 100 rounds of Armscor garbage that TargetSportsUSA sent me at no charge, just for being a prime member. Had four stovepipes with the Armscor. Will be CCI only for the next session.

    Tried different shooting positions and the target shows the difference. I definitely suck even more in some positions than others. Lots of learning to do. Will be ordering aperture blades for the rear sight, because I couldn't see sights or target worth a darn with my weirdly screwed up 20/20 astigmatic eyes.

    The trigger is classic 512 trigger. It's basically like an AR mechanism, but it's no Geissele, or even 1301. Long, rough creep, then a little wall. Almost like a short and light but not smooth double action. Will definitely work on smoothing it a bit; leaving the creep alone for now.
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    Beretta 92G Elite LTT Centurion and an H&K USP Expert 9mm. Both excellent guns in their own way.

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    All my 1911s and my 442

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    I took both of these out and shot them then swapped the uppers and tried them again. I slightly prefer them this way. The top one I might put an A2 grip on just to make it look a little like an M4 but I think I'm going to rock the carry handle on it for a while.

    Top is a BCM 16" lightweight middy on a S&W M&P15 lower. Bottom is a BCM 14.5" middy with a pinned and welded A2X on an Aero stripped lower and Fulton Armory A1 stock and parts.

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    223 Remington, loaded with 62 grain Hornady BTHP, 100 yards

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    Three 5-shot groups averaged .69 inches

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    Match LTT, about 135 rounds at an “outlaw” (non sanctioned) USPSA type match.

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