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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Lane 14, behind the gun.
    P2000sk @Irelander

    Pin league
    Blue 125TC
    Low ready start, 5 rounds in gun, obvious reload, green pin must be shot first, blue pins were no shoots and can not fall or it's a 1 second penalty, 3 seconds for hitting the pallet.

    11.97 was my time. Took to much time to center punch the pins near the blue no shoot, wanted them to go straight back and not tip left or right. Also averted my muzzle from the blues, instead of sweeping them which is odd. I get it, but still odd.

    Could have shot faster, with 1 miss, for a total of 11 shots. This was a challenging shoot.

    First array at 9 yards, second at 13 yards.

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    What in the name of Weaver, tea cup is going on here?

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    5-inch FDE, the gun that makes me look almost competent at 25 yards; 2.0 Compact, my usual carry gun; and dusted off the 1.0 Shield for summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giving Back View Post
    Attachment 88256

    Just making sure the Coyote zero is still valid…….
    "Coyote Zero" sounds like an awesome nickname for your rifle.
    “Bad decisions are not made through a lack of skill or innate judgement: they are made because of an inability to handle pressure at the pivotal moment.”
    -James Kerr, from his book Legacy

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    TEXAS !


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    M&P 15-22 with new Gemtech integrally suppressed upper.

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    As good a zero as I could get between wind and shooting off a blue barrel. 40 grain Aguila “super-extra.”

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    Second match back in production for this year. This match had a lot of awkward leans and foot positions to work with. The first stage our squad shot was the classifier (not recorded) and that was where my only NS of the day happened (and cost me 2nd overall). I got burned on the activator stage being the first shooter, but someone had to do it!
    There was a few spots where I could have been a bit faster, but it become apparent pretty quick that this match was going to won by the fewest mistakes.

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    Lane 14, behind the gun.
    Pin league
    Blue 125TC

    Close pins at 9 yards, far at 12.

    Blue pins are no shoots and a 1 second penalty. This is set up to run 2 shooters at a time. 9.03 seconds was my run.

    5 rounds in gun to start, mandatory mag change.

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    Also shot a 96-1x with the Blue sized to .355

    I suspect the .356 will shoot tighter.

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    What in the name of Weaver, tea cup is going on here?

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    Trigger control day. Draw to paper, various combinations on 4” to 8” plates at 20, 25, and 35. My goal was to push the times at 25 and 35 toward the 20 yd par. The 4” is a motherfucker at 35.

    "You can never have too many knives." --Joe Ambercrombie
    "You don’t really graduate from certain problems or certain things… like you always have to work on trigger control and pulling the trigger straight. " --Ben Stoeger 1/24/2018

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    Played a little hookey from didactics to hit the range today. Mostly to confirm zero/verify reliability of the two 11.5 rifles w/ reflex optics that needed Bootleg BCGs. Also finally got the midwest industries working with a can; hosts a 46M in short mode. Couipled with Sprinco/H2 buffer it functions perfectly without need for a non-standard BCG. Also checked function of the T2 on my mini recce ... still need to re-zero the offset mRDS. Really like the holosun in that role.

    Very happy with these.

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    Practicing for an upcoming ARA Factory match. 22 LR 50 yards. CZ 455, Vortex scope.

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