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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Surprise Az.

    Today I shot my Volquartsen Black Mamba for our Steel Challenge Match and did very well with it. I also brought my Colt Gold Cup Trophy ( Walther ) and test fired it. Working very well.

    Next month's match I'm going to shoot the Gold Cup for score

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    Arsenal made registered Krink SBR in .223

    Found a Bulgarian triangle stock and a Tula made wood handguard this summer to replace the original poly furniture, shoots the same but looks more authentic. Every time I take the Kobra off and back on I get .5-1 moa zero drift but a heck of a lot of fun. A true muzzle blast machine.
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    I shot my stock G17 4th Gen in an indoor USPSA match. Haven't shoot for about 3 months due to various uproars in my life. Mostly alphas and a few charlies. Some mikes, when mister genius here forgot a target, OOPS. Also on one tuxedo target, thin central target area, I drifted into the black with my classic, left handed shoot the right flaw. I know why I do that and I need to practice some grip control and trigger finger placement as that is the problem.

    Interesting observations, one guy's gun started to double and had to be put away. We shoot on a concrete floor and one guy moving quickly stepped on a dumped mag and fell down. Ouch but kept control of the gun. I've seen guys fall on the floor when they try to flash step between target positions. Shunpo (瞬歩, Flash Steps), anime.

    Had lots of fun, big fat fluffy snowy flakes that were pretty were falling. Nice folks.

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    Wife said lets go shooting so I packed a variety of stuff. She ended mostly shooting a 22/45 with a Tac Sol upper and a C-More Slide Ride. Basically we worked on safety concerns and then I just sat back while she shot. She loaded all her own magazines and cleared all the malf’s. Started on steel plates and by the end of the day she was keeping most of her shots on a 3x5 at 15 yards. Shot over half a bucket of bulk ammo. Good day! 😎😁
    I'll wager you a PF dollar™ 😎
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    My older daughter shot an AR for the first time today. She put three out of four shots on paper from 50 yards. I need to see about getting her a tripod to shoot off of as stabilizing the rifle is a real problem. Getting her eye lined up properly behind the scope was also problematic, so I need to look into cheek risers. However, she had a great time.

    As for the rifle, this is one of the Geissele Super Duties that I bought last year after I sold some other rifles. Today was just the second time I've shot it and the first time since I put a scope on it. Shooting off the roof of a truck, it'll put three 62 gr Gold Dots in about an inch at 100 yards. I was pretty pleased by that. My rifle skills aren't the best, and I expect that with some practice I could do better. I have one AR with a RMR on it, but this is the first one I've ever put a scope on. Turns out that I really like scopes on ARs!

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    Lane 7, behind the gun.
    Some range time.

    P2000SK, H&R 999, Smith 442, and Franken Glock.

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    442 @ 7 yards: 2H 10, RHO 20-1x, LHO 20-1x

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    Bubba revolver

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    Not bad for a barrel that cost me $55 that I hacked shorter with an angle grinder and Dremeled a notch for a glue on J frame sight…
    Pointing at cardboard things.... CO GM, working on PCC.

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    For the last year and a half I have been dabbling in three gun at a local club (CCFSA in Wilmington OH) and yesterday was the annual "Safe Queen" match where the adage is that if you shoot a good score you didn't have enough fun. Well lemme tell, ya, I must have been having fun, turns out even safe queens need to have the scopes at least bore sighted after you mount them, something I probably intended to do but never did...

    Used my 590 that is almost the newest gun in my safe, but since I have shot it very little I figured that was in the spirit of the exercise. And did well with my 686+ (more info here). But my poor little Ruger American Ranch in 300BO needed just a little more attention to detail before the event. I had actually thought the match was next weekend (they changed the date) and would have done a little more testing, but oh well. After tanking the first two stages I dipped over to a neighboring range and did a haphazard bore sight adjustment (three full revolutions of elevation...) and then started to have a little more fun.

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    Lane 7, behind the gun.

    Me and a buddy ALMOST made it out to that. We both had to withdraw unfortunately. Certainly would have been fun.
    Just because it "feels good", doesn't mean it's best.

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