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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    I don't normally take sucha hodge-podge to the range but these are all guns I haven't shot yet and I wanted to try them out.

    The M9A3 is a pleasure to shoot but I would like to change the sights. I will probably send this one off eventually for a trigger job, sights, and to have a second barrel cut flush with the slide. As it comes it's absolutely a great handgun and the trigger is pretty nice. But being a pizzagun fanboi and all I think I'll splurge on this one.

    The USP will let you know you're not gripping it hard enough by just plain being uncomfortable to shoot. At first I didn't like it but I often find myself not gripping handguns hard enough so this will probably be good for me in the long run. Plus it's too cool for me to get rid of.

    I almost forgot to grab mags for the Glocks so I just grabbed the first mag I found, a 21 round Pmag. It wasn't broken in yet so it failed a bunch and I gave up on it. All my other GL9 mags took a lot of cycles to break in and start working so I'll find something to push on the follower and cycle it a bunch and see if that helps.
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    I shot one of these today for the first time:

    Also shot my shotgun, G19, AR Pistol, and another AR pistol (suppressed). Twas a good day!
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    Teddy Jacobson / Actions by T tuned TRP.

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    25 yards freestyle with Winchester Ranger 230 grain.
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    500 or so rounds on the Elite LTT in a USPSA oriented class on fundamentals of movement (AAR will be forthcoming). Thatís just shy of 1000 in the last three days, and the Elite is up to 2861 since April 4.

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Size:  55.2 KB Beretta 96 with Ameriglo front and Wilson rear sights G conversion and trigger job. All done by master Beretta smith Earnest Langdon. Great work and outstanding service!!

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    Lane 7, behind the gun.
    Pin match
    USP9c v7 LEM
    S&B 124

    Pins set at 7 and 10 ish yards , various heights

    Cold, clean run was 6.06 and final clean run was 5.69.

    With no designated stop pin, it opened up the options.

    Should be set for a 4 way shoot off next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapid Butterfly View Post
    Yesterday, 225 rounds with the double of my carry weapon, the px4 cc, indoor range.

    Today, pressed for time, managed 251 rounds shooting steel with the elite LTT at the gun club. 200 of it was this blazer 147 flat point fmj. First time Iíve tried 147 in this weapon; I got it to try with bowling pins. It functions fine, just not sure how I feel about it yet.

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    Rapid - I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know what your analysis regarding the 147's will be.

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