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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Took my 6 year old daughter shooting for the first time today with a borrowed M&P .22 pistol. She did pretty well and was able to keep most of them on paper (with a little help from dad). More importantly, she really enjoyed it and informed me on the way home that she would like me to pick her up from school twice a week and take her to the range to “train.”

    I also shot one of my 19’s, a 43, and a .45 320 that a friend wanted me to try out. I’ve apparently been shooting 9mm for too long, as the .45 felt like a .44 Magnum when I fired the first round.

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    Shot my Langdon modded 92 centurion in an outlaw match.
    Pistol ran flawless.
    I suck.
    The damn cycling of this beretta is so friggin smooth.

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    Barely mediocre with every platform.

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    Got to shoot 1/2 of our Steel Challenge Match today. 100 degrees and 80 % humidity was just too much for me to take. I shot three stages and did pretty well with my new 4 inch 617. Trigger was working great and I just finish reamed the chambers so extraction was easy throughout the morning.

    Then the clouds went away and it just got HOT!

    You have to walk about 300 yards to get to the next stage and once I got there I was too tired to shoot it. Heck, it's not that long ago I was shooting from my wheelchair and I wish I had it with me today. Instead I shot the fourth stage while sitting in my walker. I didn't have the strength to go to stage 5, so I packed up, drank some Gatorade, sat in the car for 30 minutes and went home.
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    Shot with CSW today

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    First match in a month and the only practice I will get before I take on back to back majors to finish out August and switch to Limited for the fall season.
    There was a pretty spicy turnout with a number of GM's and M's including and multi division GM who crushed me in prod.

    I tried to work on shooting on the move and trying to blend positions together more often. It cost me more points than I would have liked, but it's getting time to push again.
    Also never mind my totally manly cry as I realize that I just put 2 mikes on a 1 yard target (Thank the over-lay gods it was only 1 mike)

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    Lane 14, behind the gun.
    Night Fision FS
    Custom 10-8 rear

    Wanted to confirm some lost info regarding POI with different bullet weights at non typical distances.

    25/50/75/100 yard

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    Just because it "feels good", doesn't mean it's best.

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    Long time Aimpoint shooter, was trying / zeroing Eotech for the first time. I haven't used it enough to form an opinion except that it definitely looks crisp under a magnifier.
    The upper is LMT Estonia barrel inside their Quad pic handguard that has been unpinned/SBR'd.

    Also shot my Shadow Systems DR920 for the first time. Ran 100% with steel and aluminum cased ammo. However, their sights (dot front, plain rear) are a bit quirky. I found that if I lined up the tops of front/rear, the shots would be high at 15 yards. I had to line up the center of the dot on the front sight with the top of the rear sights, this made it POA/POI.

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